Putting it all together Records of New Jersey
Research & Speculation by Tom Phillips

Speculating and proving relationships
of some of the Family Lines
found on this web site.
Research Record 1

Here is a quick synopsis on the family lines that I came up with (bear with it):

As I surmised years ago the Henry & Rachel Everingham line (H&R1) on your site as well as the following lines are all connected:

  • Family Line 2 (Benjamin & Elizabeth Everingham)
  • Family Line 6 (Enoch & Tryphenia Everingham)
  • Family Line 12 (Ezekial & Ann Everingham)
  • Rhoda & Thomas Everingham (R&T)
  • Enoch & Tilly Everingam (E&T)
  • Henry & Rebbecca Everingham (H&R2)

    Here are some of the facts that connect all of these lines:

    Family Line 2 is connected by the following:
    Son George Everingham married his "cousin" Lucy Everingham daughter of Rhoda & Thomas R&T Line. George was also listed as living on York Rd at the time of his death, just down the road from HR1's family plantation. See R&T Line below.

    Benjamin Everingham paid for the burial of Mariah Ford (daughter of R&T line) at the Hightstown Baptist Church.

    Benjamin Everingham attended the same family weddings as Henry Evernham (H&R2 Line)

    Benjamins grandson, Alexander, married Jane Evernham as listed in Clayton Everinghams Bible (E&T Line)

    Benjamin inventoried a Mr. Hulits estate. It is believed this is Jane Hulits relative. Jane married Thomas Everingham son of H&R1.

    Benjamin belonged to the Hightstown Baptist Church. Other members included Henry &Martha Everingham. Martha was listed in the Church records as having died by May 1, 1804. This is almost definitely one of the 1st wives of H&R2 line.

    The grandson of Benjamin Everingham, son of Geoge & Lucy, was named Alexander L. Everingham. He was born right after the marriage of Alexander Logan & Mary Everingham (March 3, 1836). Mary was the daughter of FL6. This Family Line had a tradition of naming children after in-laws who married Everingham women!!! The last name was eventually corrupted to EVERNHAM!

    Family Line 6 is connected by the following:
    Enoch has been described in many family records as having "gone west to Cincinnatti with his Uncle Nathaniel". He bought land in the same area as his Uncle Nathaniel. The only Nathaniel listed is the son of H&R1 Line which means Enoch is a grandson of the H&R1 Line. The only Rhodas listed in the Everingham family at this time were in the R&T Line and this line

    Family Line 12 is connected by the following:
    The last name was eventually corrupted to EVERNHAM! Ezekial & his wife named their first born Henry. There is no Henry on the Journeey side of the family and it appears that Ezekial is one of the 'lost' children of the Henry from H&R2. This may be because he is the son of Henry & Martha Evernham who belonged to the Hightstown NJ Baptist Church.

    Rhoda & Thomas (R&T) Family Line is connected by the following:
    The last name was eventually corrupted to EVERNHAM! Records have indicated that Thomas was known as Thomas Everingham Junior. While this does not definitively tie him into the H&R1 Family line the other coincidences (i.e geographic location, 1st daughter named Jane, 1st son was named ASA; probably after ASA Kitchell father of Tryphena who married Enoch Everingham (FL6). I can convince most observers that Thomas was the son of Thomas & Jane Hulit Everingham and another grandson of Henry & Rebecca Everingham. This would mean that Thomas Everingham & Jane Hulit had more than the two sons (William & John "who went to Genneessee County NY" ) that were listed in a letter dated 1819 from Jane's new husband, James McCabe. Jane Hulit Evernham McCabe ended up living right next door to George & Lucy Evernham according to the 1840 Census for Mercer County NJ. What are the odds of that if either George or Lucy were not her grandchildren or close relatives????

    Enoch & Tilly Everingham E&T Family Line:
    As noted before Alexander Everingham (FL2 & R&T Family LInes) married into this Everingham family through Clayton Everingham, described as Enochs brother in a letter written by his daughter. Only 2 family lines named a person Clayton: Family Line 2 and E&T Family Line. Note also that Claytons daughter & Alexander were both called EVERNHAM in the family Bible.

    Tom Phillips, 2006


    (c)2006 Everingham Family History Archives.