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Research Record 2

On January 26 1847 Henry Evernham of Upper Freehold NJ (LINK) bought land in the Boro of South Trenton NJ (it later became incorporated into the City of Trenton NJ). This is the son of Henry & Rebecca Everingham. This is probable proof that he and his father lived in or near the original homestead His father was said to have been married 4 times and had a total of 16 children. One of his prior wives was Martha. He and Martha were listed as members of the Hightstown Baptist Church on May 1, 1802 when Martha was listed as dead.

One of all the other members listed as belonging to this church was my ancestor Benjamin Everingham (b. 1764). According to everything we have dug up Benjamin & Henry were very close, attended the same weddings, knew the same people, etc. They were either brothers or 1st cousins at the very least. Benjamin is buried in the Highstown Baptist Church graveyard (now under a parking lot in the back of the church) along with his wife and Martha. Also buried in the graveyard is Maria Ford whose funeral & buriel expense was paid for by Benjamin, probbaly becuase her father was dead at the time she died. In addition there is Jane C. Dye, wife of Clayton Everingham died Jan 1 1839 aged 32 years 3 months 7 days. The only other Clayton ever listed in the Everingham family was Clayton Everingham grandson of Benjamin Everingham b. 1864). This Clayton is listed as son of Enoch Everingham who has been rumored to be a brother (half or otherwise) of Henry & Marth/Rebecca - or one of his two other wives -Everingham.

Henry named one of his known daughters Martha: There was no Martha in any of the other Everinghams outside of this family and can be readily assumed she was named after his dead wife. In fact she may have been Martha Ellison Everingham based upon his other known sons first name. The Ellisons lived close by and were signers to many wills & land deeds with the Everinghams.

August 15, 1836 - John Ford & Maria His wife, George Everingham and Lucy, Thomas Everingahm and Aaron Everingham all of Midlesex County (which encompassed East & West Windsor at that time) sold to Samuel Everingham of Upper Freehold Township land which"became seized of 4/5 thereof by virtue of a clause in the will of Asa Everingham. These were all children of Thomas Everingham & Rhoda Danser except for George Everingham who was the son of Benjamin Everingham (b. 1764) and marride to Lucy Everingham who has been descibed as his first cousin. Benjamin (1764) was described as a brother or 1st cousin of Thomas who married Rhoda Danser.

March 14, 1844 Maria B. Everingham & Caroline Everingham of East Windsor sell land to Charles Danser that was once the land of William Everingham.

December 6, 1813 Samuel & Nancy (or Ann) Evernham of East Windsor released a lot of land to Roady Evernham (widow). Witnesses were John James & James McCabe. This Roady must have been the widow of Thomas Evernham and the James McCabe who witnessed the Will later ended up marrying her. Rebecca James was the last wife of Henry Everingham (1864) which could explain why he was involved in signing the land transfer.

Here's an odd note:
The Everingham name pops up again in the Bergen family in the 1860 census when a Benjamin Everingham (b. approx. 1836) was living with the Catherine A. Bergen family in West Windsor NJ.

Anyhow here is where a lot of links can be made among the various families. Now the hard part is figuring it all out!!!!

Tom Phillips, 2006


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