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Is looking for your help!

  • Are you an ASP or PHP programmer? Looking for a project?

  • Do you think you can improve upon this script?, or have similar scripts?

  • We would be glad to add your improvement or utility if you have a way to enhance WEB GENES. Let us know if you have improvements ; email your idea/code We will list your utility here with your copyright information.

  • Plans for the future: We want to eventually have a Program package available for sale at a small fee, which will be a collection of web site creation tools available that will help people develop professional looking web sites. Our original page generator & all of it's FREE improvements, will remain FREE.

  • Looking for ways to make MONEY!?
    We will gladly add any improvements to WebGenes and keep the core program FREE to all who use it. Because we want to keep this program free, we will not pay for any simple script improvements.

    However, we would be glad to partner with any group or single programmer who can help us further develop this product into a commercial application. We will not pay a developer to work on this product further, but we would be willing to partner with them and contract for a percentage of profits.
    The prospects for future growth of GENEALOGY SOFTWARE, are enormous! If you are interested in exploring further development of WEBGENES, please contact us at the email address above.

  • What are we looking for in a COMMERCIAL PROGRAM?
    Our current ASP ideas include:
    1. Utilities to help the user build a web site
      NOTE: WebGenes is currently only a utility to help visitors send HTML formatted data to a web site... We want to turn this into a web site generating program also.
    2. Adding Soundex calculators & other tools. already in the works
    3. Making a page editor that can pull up pages and edit them. already in the works
    4. Making a site search engine generator already in the works
    5. Develop a password protection system already in the works
    6. file uploading
    7. Making a family tree layout generator
    8. Making a program that can scan HTML files and generate a list of them.
    9. A more visual editor of our family pages. (we have a basic HTML editor in the works, we need one that can change content without the user knowing HTML)
    10. A family document page generator & indexer
    11. Photo indexing
    12. Chat & Forum options
    13. Graphics interface, button design
    14. All this would happen on the users web site, all files operate on a server. The user would log-in, and create, or edit their web site on their own server, or the server they are using.
    15. Blending all utilities together. "THE BIG TASK"
    16. Upon completion, we would like to offer the program FREE for a short time to get the word out about it.

    If you can help with any of this, you can lock yourself in with a contract. We market and sell the product on-line, and send you __% of the sales for your development work!

    The sales of Genealogy software and internet related genealogy products will continue to grow and will most likely sky-rocket. If you can help with improvements to this software package, get in on things now!

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