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A Genealogy Web Page Generator utilizing simple HTML, JavaScript & ASP or PHP code. Simply download the version you need and make the minor adjustments outlined in the (README.TXT) file, and upload the files to your web site to use it TODAY!

As visitors to your site use your new page generator, they will know what to add in each section when a YELLOW box pops up with instructions as they move their mouse over each entry box.

Generate great looking genealogy pages in one of the easiest to understand layouts that you will find. Web sites that have used WEB GENES to generate pages have won SITE DESIGN Awards for the nice layout and quality, professional look!

Web Genes is a simple HTML file along with a few small graphics and an email program (if that function is used). Anyone who wants a one-of-a-kind family web site with an attractive layout should give it a try! You no longer need to use those GENERIC, STALE TEXT genealogy pages that are generated with GED COM file converters.... Move away from BORING TEXT and present your family in a GLOWING, User-Friendly format.

EXAMPLES of Pages created with Web Genes:
Basic Version | USGenWeb Version

show your family tree in an easier way!


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