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  • Cornstalks 1988 by V.ROSS
    808pgs. An update of the 1980 edition, this traces the female as well as male descendants of Matthew Everingham, who came in the First Fleet. Much more than names and dates, the work includes biographies of many family members and their spouses. From the Hawkesbury River in NSW, the family spread to the North Coast and thence to all parts of Australia and overseas. Fully indexed with over 25,000 names and 3,300 surnames.

  • At Home in Asia Biographical Sketches by Harold Stephens
    Chapter 1. About Professional Photographer "John Everingham". Australian ex-patriated to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. Ran charcoal temple rubbings across the border into Saigon to sell as souvenirs to American GIs during the Vietnam War.

    see the movie about John's Story! - - -

    (with Michael Landon as John Everingham)

  • A biography of Robert Everingham (1645-1705) by Janelle Evans
    Descendants of the last Sir Henry Everingham of England with connections to King Henry VIII and the historical print work of Robert. This one sounds VERY interesting!!!

  • Tales of the Everingham family by Kevin Everingham, 2017 Big 8.5 x 11 in. Book
    An interesting group of family tales, legends and scandals about murder, violence, accidents and pirates! A mix of newspaper articles with some genealogy information. available for $8.99 at

  • The Tides of Men by Janelle Evans "to be published" by IBIS
    "In the closing years of the eighteenth century the destinies of nations and men were swept along in the bloody tides of the wars raging in America and France. Set against the backdrop of the American War of Independence, the bloody Revolution in France and the First Fleet settlement in Australia, the lives of three young men, Jacob Nagle, Samuel Shepherd and Matthew Everingham, become intertwined as fate draws them together. The Tides of Men is an historical novel and makes extensive use of the letters and diaries of each of the men. It is a must read for anyone interested in the eighteenth century and in the human capacity to triumph over adversity." Email book Inquirys to:

  • Matthew Everingham A first Fleeter & his Times by V. Ross
    190 pgs. 1988 A valuable reference work on the First Fleet and conditions in England responsible for the establishment of a convict settlement at Sydney and in the Hawkesbury district.

  • The Story of My Life by G.B. Everingham / Rev I.C. Tedford 1938
    9pg Pamphlet written January 1931 about the life of "George Baxter Everingham",
    Civil War Union Army Captain. View & print it out here!

  • The Everingham Letterbook Letters of a First Fleet Convict V. Ross
    184pgs, 1985 provides an exciting new perspective on life in early NSW ... life as seen by a literate First Fleet convict and described in uninhibited personal letters to a friend and benefactor in England. The letters, published for the first time, have been carefully verified and analysed by Valerie Ross.

  • A Short History of Everingham Knights by Janelle Evans
    ISBN 1-876667-07-9 "paperback" AUS$11.50/US$9.00/UKú15.00 email the publisher IBIS for more informaton:

  • A Hawkesbury Story by Valerie Ross
    260 pgs. 1989 The story of First Fleeter, Matthew James Everingham and the first generation of his family, all of whom played a role in the development of the Hawkesbury River settlement. The Everingham experiences mirror the day-to-day life of so many pioneer Hawkesbury families. Many other families are mentioned.

  • King of the Kids by Frances Chan --- out of print
    About Paul Everingham, first Chief Minister of the Northern Territory - Australia.

  • Ancestors & Descendants of Ira Everingham
    by Kevin Everingham
    8.5 x 11" self-published book (c)1999. This book contained sections about Onaway Michigan, Ancient family history, Montcalm County Michigan, Ira Everingham's immigration, and contained many family sheets on the family similar to family sheets found online. (no census data) NOTE: This book was produced at no cost for immediate family only and was never sold.

  • The Everingham Family of Michigan
    Ancestors and Descendants of Ira Everingham
    by Kevin Everingham, published by Michigan Prime Publications, 182 pages, 8.5 x 11 format, This is an updated 2nd edition of the book listed above © 2006.
    for distribution to Michigan Libraries
    previously available for sale. Also on CD in PDF format.
    $30 per copy(printed book sold out)

  • Whisper me Your Secrets by Dr Brenda Hall-Taylor
    is a family history that tells the story of 8 generations of Australian women. Commencing with the arrival of the 15-year old Elizabeth Rimes in the second fleet who married Matthew Everingham, it depicts the life of her daughter Sarah Woodbury, Sarah's daughter Sarah Ann Bridge, Sarah Ann's daughter-in-law Sarah Payne Bridge, Sarah Payne Bridge's daughter Sarah Ann Lavinia Ware, Sarah Ware's daughter Alice Taylor, Alice Taylor's daughter Elizabeth Taylor and Alice Taylor's grand daughter Pamela Taylor.
    The book is available from the author, (email), PO Box 1143 Kingscliff NSW 2487, or phone 02 66 743905. Total cost is A $23 per copy plus postage.

  • Lives in a Landscape by Margaret Everingham
    1990 63pp. 8vo. Original Boards. Fine. Author's memoirs about life on a cattle property in south west Queensland Australia between 1919 and 1939.

  • Herman by Herman Everingham
    1988 100pp. Port Macquarie NSW; self published, Illus., Family History. This is a Oral history of Herman Everingham of Wauchope, whose life spanned nearly all the second century of white settlement in Australia.

  • My Wicked Earl 2001 / FICTION / by Linda Needham
    Forced to live with her enemy! Hollie Finch is horrified when the forbidding Earl of Everingham, places her under house arrest in his manor. Even worse, her generous heart and joyous laughter start him thinking about keeping her with him forever. But the powerful earl has a secret that could destroy him. (Romance Novel)

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