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Everingham family of Michigan Book

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This 2006 edition book is HUGE and packed with family history, stories and 100's of photos. This book was printed for distribution to Michigan & related home town Libraries. Now it is available to everyone on CD (Book version SOLD OUT).

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The book is finished and has been distributed to many Michigan libraries as planned, the full INDEX of the book and text (minus photos), is included below.

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Everingham family of Michigan Book

Introduction  "understanding how people feel about research books"  		Page   7 
Origin of the name & place "Everingham"   					Page   9 
The Conquest of England in 1066 & the family link to nobility 	   		Pages  10-12 
Everingham Post Office in Everingham, Yorkshire, England 			Page   12 
A legend about the Everingham name dying out 					Page   13 
Why similarly spelled names may be related  					Page   14 
Some early Everingham's in America (1600's-1700`s) 				Pages  14-16 
The Wars that destroyed early North American records 				Page   17 
What are Loyalists, Patriots, Torries & Rebels? 				Page   17 
Family Chart of our first generation James Everingham 				Page   18 
The first well documented generation of Ira's Ancestors  			Pages  18  
First Generation and the Revolutionary War 					Page   19-23 
The 1st and 5th Battalion of the New Jersey volunteers & Joseph Barton  	Pages  20-21 
Separate Thoughts, Speculation, and Theories 					Pages  22-23 
A map of the layout of the United States in 1790   				Page   23 
Story of 3 Brothers immigrating to America from England   			Page   24 
Other Stories about our 1st generation James Everingham   			Pages  25-26 
The Children and Grandchildren of James Everingham of NJ & Canada 		Pages  27-31 
1876 Historical Atlas & family links in Crowland Twp, Welland County  		Page   29 
The Children of James Everingham (II) and Sally Brooks 				Pages  32-33 
The Curse of Cashmere, Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario 		Pages  33-35 
Early Haldimand Co. and our Ancestor Captain John Dochstader   			Pages  35-37 
Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada 1880 Map  					Page   36 
More related families in Ontario, Canada 					Page   37 
The family of James Everingham (III) and Violet Burnham 			Pages  38-41 
The only known photo of James Everingham 					Page   38 
1879-1880 Historical Atlas of Brant County, Ontario 				Page   41 
Onondaga Township, Brant County, Ontario Canada  (with an 1880 Map)  		Pages  42-45 
The Native American Indian tribes of the Onondagas and the Mohawks 		Pages  42-43 
The importance of Hiawatha and the Iroquois Confederacy   			Page   43 
Onondaga Township, Brant County Plat Map with family names   			Page   44-45 
Our Everingham family migration map 						Page   46 
The earliest Everingham's of MICHIGAN   					Pages  47-54 
Henry Everingham of Iosco County, MI        family chart  (brother of Ira)  	Page   49 
Eugene Everingham of  Huron County, MI     family chart  (brother of Ira) 	Pages  49-52 
Other Michigan Everinghams 							Page   53 
The unrelated "Everham" family of Michigan 					Pages  55-56 
Chart of some of the known ancestors of Ira Everingham  			Page   58 
Photo of Ira with the Graves family, Onaway, MI  circa 1921 			Page   60 
A Family Facts Chart of Ira (children, parents, siblings, etc.)  		Page   61 
4th Generation, "all about Ira Everingham" 					Pages  57-63 
Theory and Fact about Ira's age   						Pages  62-63 
Photo of Ira & Louisa Everingham. circa 1907 					Page   63 
An early Arenac County Michigan Pioneer family   				Pages  64-69 
A descendant chart of the 5th Generation of Everinghams  			Page   70 
5th Generation,  Children of  "Ira Everingham and Louisa Norris"    		Pages  71-82 
The Stoner Family 								Pages  74-75 
The Graves Family 								Pages  77-78 
Tower, Forest Township, Cheboygan County, MI   					Pages  83-87
The Morgan Family    								Pages  82-87 
The Beehler Family   								Pages  85-87 
The family home town of Onaway, Presque Isle County, MI 			Pages  88-93 
1957 Plat Map of Allis Township, Presque Isle County  				Pages  94-95 
Lumber in Michigan and the Civilian Conservation Corps   			Pages  96-97 
6th Generation of Everinghams,                  Ira's Grandchildren  		Pages  98-112 
7th Generation of Everinghams  							Pages  113-132 
8th Generation of Everinghams  (names & photos only)  				Pages  133-135 
9th and 10th Generation and beyond, not included here. 
Montcalm County, Michigan   							Pages  136-140 
The Hale Family and the Michigan Cavalry   					Pages  129-130 
The Platte Family  								Pages  130-131 
The Stearns Family   								Pages  139-140 
The Lemon, Ostrander & Dell Families 						Pages  140-141 
Thoughts from the Author  							Pages  141-144 
BIBLIOGRAPHY Pages 147-149 Everinghams in Business Page 151 Census Data used in this book (summary of Census data) Pages 152-165 Note: Census data is not indexed. INDEX__________________________________________________________________________Pages 166-181

written by Kevin Everingham,