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  • Motherhood & Modernity by Christine Everingham
    1994 Paperback "An Investigation into the Rational Dimension of Mothering"

  • Social Justice and the Politics of Community by Christine Everingham
    Hardcover, ISBN: 0754633985 Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Company.

  • The art of San Simeon by Carol J. Everingham
    An introduction to the art collection / color photos.

  • Revolution and the Multiclass Coalition in Nicaragua by Mark Everingham

  • An Ounce of Prevention co/author Susan S. Everingham
    "a pound of Uncertainty: The Cost-Effectiveness of School-Based Drug Prevention Programs.

  • Three Strikes Revisted by Susan S. Everingham
    2000 Research on Criminal Justice.

  • Modeling the Demand for Cocaine by Susan S. Everingham
    out of print This report documents the development of a two-state Markovian model of the demand for cocaine and includes the estimation of incidence, prevalence, cohort retention, and consumption.

  • Controlling Cocaine: Supply vs. Demand Programs
    by Susan S. Everingham Softcover book, ISBN: 0833015524 Published by Rand Corporation.
    About Susan S. Everingham
    Susan S. Everingham (M.A., applied mathematics, UCLA) is a senior researcher at RAND, specializing in applying models and other quantitative methods to criminal justice and other domestic policy issues.
    VISIT RAND, for some of Susan's work on-line! in PDF format.

    About Laura Everingham Scammon
    In May 1894 the Kansas City Anthenaeum was born. It was the dream of Mrs. Laura Everingham Scammon to bring women together to study such subjects as art, music, literature, science, and economics on a university level. The group pushed for women's rights and suffrage.
  • Bettine by Laura Everingham Scammon (c)1894
    The story of a woman. Hudson-Kimberly Pub. Co. Kansas City, MO
    "A rare find"... shown here --(small 6 1/2" book w/embossed cover)

  • Spoon-River Dan, by Laura Everingham Scammon. (c)1894 52pgs.
    Hudson-Kimberly Publishing Co., Spoon-River Dan is a remarkable man who has the uncanny power of healing by the laying on of hands. However, in his right hand, a mutilated stub possessing only thumb and forefinger. When Dan's neighbors in the area of the Spoon River begin reporting encounters with a ghostly apparition resembling a gigantic white dog with red eyes, Dan is skeptical, but himself encounters the ghost, as the story unfolds.

  • The Development and growth of the external dimensions of the human body in the fetal period by Richard Everingham Scammon and Leroy A. Calkins, 1929 University of Minnesota Press. ill. 391 Pages.

  • Journey to the Hill by Donald Ellis Everingham
    1976 123pgs. (currently out of print)

  • Seismicity of the New Guinea/Solomon Islands region, 1972 by I.B. Everingham
    out of print no details.

  • Investing in Our Children co/author Susan S. Everingham
    What we know and don't know about the costs and benefits of early childhood interventions. click book to buy it

  • U.S.A. - Beyond the Crossroads: Documented Proof of the Plot to Socialize America by Harry T. Everingham

  • Will You Go Communist Without a Fight? by Harry T. Everingham
    1962 The Fact Finder, Chicago, IL; 3-1/2" x 8-1/2" folder flyer; 8p; out of print.

  • The Adventures of a Maverick Princess by Barry Everingham
    1985 196 pgs. Bantam Press, UK (black/white & color pictures) Biography of Princess Michael of Kent, a member of the British Monarchy.

  • The Sundown Motel: Minimum Security by Enid Everingham
    2000, 198 pgs. Janus Publishing Co. Ltd, UK., Comic farce set in a minimum security prison run in line with modern business theories.

  • The Treasures all around you by Thompson Everingham
    1962, self-published, low distribution, Considered one of the best guides on antiques in this era. Thompson H. Everingham Jr. also wrote & produced a TV series called "Pittsylvania Antiques".

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