Clara Bell ACKLES b.1875 d.1957
Arthur B. EVERINGHAM (b.1870) (4)
Robert ACKLES (b.1850 d.1926)1
Francelia WOOLSEY (b.1849 d.1921)1
children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Robert Ackles (b.1893) (2)
  2. Helen Francelia (b.1894) (4)
siblings: ACKLES1
  1. Irving (b.1872 d.1935)
  2. Grant (b.1879 d.1941)
  3. Harrison (b.1883 d.1960)
  4. Francis Laverne (b.1886 d.1933)
  5. Sarah Olive (b.1891 d.1923)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Descendants of William Ackles sent by Linda Wise March 2000.
2Lafayette Cemetery Onondaga Co. NY
3Family Sketches
4S. Onondaga Cemetery Onondaga Co. NY
1892 NY State CENSUS image Onondaga, NY

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