Anna "Annie" McINTYRE b.abt 1865
d. 1926
Lakeview Cemetery, Port Huron, MI
William Henry EVERINGHAM (b.1858)
married March, 1891
Donald McINTYRE (b.~1822)
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Percy R.
    (b.5 Mar 1893 died 1913)
siblings: McINTYRE
  1. Mary (b.~1852 CAN)
  2. Donald (b.~1856 CAN)
  3. Duncan (b.~1857 CAN)
  4. John (b.~1859 CAN)
  5. Catherine (b.~1861 CAN)
  6. Isabel (b.~1866 MI)
  7. Margaret (b.~1870 MI)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Cronological Research on this family from Kevin Everingham

1880 CENSUS, Huron, Huron Co. MI (page 84B) Donald McIntire, b.1822 Scotland, married, occ: farmer,... Ellen 53, wife,... Mary 28, dau.,.. Duncan 23, son,... John 21, son,... Catharine 19, dau,... Annie 16, dau,... Isabelle 14, dau,... Margaret 10, dau.

1887 Huron County Marriage Record... Lee R. Wallace 23, b.MI, s/o Robert Wallace & Margaret Deagan,... Isabel McIntyre 20, b.MI d/o Donald McIntyre & Ellen Kennedy,... m.15 Dec 1887 at Bay Port, Huron, MI.

1888 Huron County Marriage Record... John McIntyre 27, b.CAN, s/o Donald McIntyre & Ellen Kennedy.... Anna Eliza Stodard 23 b.CAN, d/o William Stodard & Phoebe Sayres.... m.5 June 1888 at Huron, MI.

1889 Huron County Marriage Record... Duncan McIntyre 28, b.CAN, s/o Donald McIntyre & Ellen Kennedy,.. Allice Nichols 20 b.MI, d/o Richard Nichols & Mary Oliver,.... m.16 July 1889 at Huron, MI.

1891 Huron County Marriage Record... Duncan McIntyre 29, b.CAN, s/o Donald McIntyre & Ellen Kennedy,.. Dora Thompson 20, b.Huron, d/o Wm & Elizabeth Thompson,... m.2 March 1891 at Huron, MI. note: in several CENSUS records of Huron County, MI,... John McIntyre is living with his brother Duncan's family... John may not have married.

1891 Huron County Marriage Record... Record #60, March 21, 1891,... William H. Everingham, 31 of Oscoda b.NY, Lumberman, son of James Everingham & Violet Burnam, no previous marriages, .... Annie McIntyre, 26 of Grind stone City, b.CAN, d/o Donald McIntyre & Ellen Kennedy, no previous marriages.

1893 Iosco County Birth Records, Book 2, pg. 177 ... Ervingham, Percy -- born March 5, 1893.

1904 Huron County Marriage Record... Duncan McIntyre 38, b.CAN, s/o Donlad & Ellen.... Emma Givens 26, b.MI, d/o Peter Givens,... married 20 January 1904 at Huron, MI.

1910 CENSUS Michigan, Iosco, Oscoda, ED122, Sheet 3B ...Village of Oscoda, Irvingham, Henry, Head, M, W, 49, Married 19 yrs, born in New York, father; Can English, mother; Can English, occupation; lumber piler, at a lumber mill Irvingham, Anna, wife, F, W, 45, married 19 yrs, mother of 1, 1 living, born in Can English, parents same, immigrated 1866, Irvingham, Percy R, son, M, W, 17, born in Michigan, father born in New York, mother born in Can English.

1926 Clare County, MI Death Registration ... Donald McIntyre, b.CAN, laborer, married, s/o Donald McIntyre,...died 13 April 1926 at Redding Twp. Clare, MI.

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