Belle EVERINGHAM b.2 Jun 1871 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
d. no death info
14 or 26 May 1897 in Chicago, Ill
married: Meade Shields BLISH (b.1855)
John Lyman EVERINGHAM b.1831
Mary Maria DICKINSON b.1838
children: last name: BLISH
  1. John Lyman (b.27 Jan 1901)
  2. Meede W. Shields (b.6 Nov 1902)
  1. Edward Lyman (b 14 May 1859)
  2. Julia (b.23 Nov 1863)
  3. Henry Dickinson (b.22 May 1874)
  4. Mae Louise (b.3 Aug 1878)
Belle Everingham fact sources and writings about this individual:

Photo right is young Belle Everingham, photo taken at Gehrig Studio, W. Madison St. Chicago, Illinois. Exact age unknown. Current owner of Belle's photo also unknown.

Photo below; (John Lyman Blish) Son of Belle & Meedy,
named after his grandpa (see John Lyman Everingham link)

Information update June 2001, courtesy of Ben at "Blish.org". For more information, visit the Blish Genealogy web site; (www.blish.org)
John Lyman Blish

Note: Blish records show both father and son's names as "Meedy".

Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2016
NOTE: both online references of the marriage that I've found show it was May 14th, 1897 Chicago, Cook, IL. She was 26, and He was 41... However it is possible that this was just the date of the license since I have not seen the actual registration page. Blish family info shows marriage date of May 26th.

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