unknown line
Occ: Blacksmith
b.abt 1855 Ocean, NJ
d.26 June 1898 Lakewood, Ocean, NJ
cemetery stone shows d.1901?
Mary C. HENDRICKSON (1854-1944)
m.17 Mar 1878 Jackson, Brick, Ocean, NJ.
Louisa Cornelia LEEK
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. George Packer (b.Jan 1877/79? NJ)
  2. William C. (b.1881)
  3. Otto (b.1885/6 d.1890)
  1. Margaret (b.~1843)
  2. Charles H. (b.1852 d.1853)
  3. Mary (b.1848 d.1859)
  4. Rebecca A. (b.~1858)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2013

1870 CENSUS Brick township, Ocean, NJ (26 August 1870, page 61) ... Joseph Everingham 58, b.NJ,.. Louisa C. 54, b.NJ,.. Benjamin 14, b.NJ,.. Rebecca A. 12, b.NJ.

1878 Ocean County Birth Record Everingham male, b.22 Jan 1878 at Brick, Ocean, New Jersey, s/o Benj. F. Everingham & ___ Hendrickson. possibly baby George?
1878 Ocean County Marriage Record (pg 139 #1).. Benj. Everingham 22, s/o Joseph Everingham,... married 17 Mar 1878 at Jackson, Brick twp., Ocean, NJ,.. to Mary C. Hendrickson 22.

1880 CENSUS Trenton, Mercer, NJ (Page 373B)... Benjamin F. Everingham 24, b.NJ,.. Mary C. Everingham 26, wife, b.NJ,.. George P. Everingham 1, son.

1885 Ocean County Birth record (Pg C-F, #21)... Everingham baby male, b.17 Jan 1885 at Ocean, NJ,.. father; Benj. F Everingham., mother; Mary C. Hendrickson. This may be Otto.

1898 Ocean County Death Record (v.56 Pg.158).. Benj. F. Everingham, male, 43, b.USA, occ; Bl'k Smith, married, parents b.USA,..a died 26 June 1898 at Lakewood, Ocean County, New Jersey.

1900 CENSUS Lakewood twp, Ocean, New Jersey (Page 14B, fam #334) .. Mary C. Everingham 46, b.July 1854 NJ, widowed, mother of 2 children, 1 living,... George P. Everingham 21, b.Jan 1879 NJ, son, single. it is possible that Mary claims to be the mother of 2 children (who lived to an adult age) but this does show that she claims by 1900 George is the only child living. So, is William C. Everingham her child?.. OR since some records show that George may have been born before she married Benjamin, was George the son of another woman? (possibly previous marriage of Benjamin)
1910 CENSUS Lakewood, Ocean, New Jersey (Page 12, family #286) .. Mary Everingham 53, b.NJ, widowed,.. George Everingham 33, son, single.
1920 CENSUS Lakewood, Ocean, NJ (Sheet 29).. Mary C. Everingham 64, b.NJ, widowed,.. George P. Everingham 41, b.NJ, son, single.
1930 CENSUS Lakewood, Ocean, NJ (Sheet 1A, fam #19)... Mary Everingham 76, b.NJ, widowed,.. George Everingham 50, b.NJ, single.
1940 CENSUS Lakewood, Lakewood, Ocean, NJ (Sheet 1B, family#14) ... Mary Everingham 85, b.NJ, widowed,.. George Everingham 61, b.NJ, single.

BIG MYSTERY - Death Record shows Benjain died in 1898, but the cemetery stone shows 1901?
I believe the stone is wrong... (see 1900 Census)

Cassville Cemetery, Jackson, Ocean County, New Jersey ... (all in the same plot)... Benj. F. Everingham (1855-1901), Mary C. Everingham (1854-1944), George Everingham (1879 -1962), William C. Everingham (1881-1962), Otto Everingham (1886-1890). I have no proof that William & Otto are sons of Benjamin, but they are the right age, and are buried in the same plot. William C. Everingham is buried with Jessie L. Brown Everingham 1879-1964 (same stone), his wife.

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