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Joseph EVERINGHAM b.abt 1812 Monmouth, NJ
d.31 July 1880 Brick twp., Ocean, NJ
Louisa Cornelia LEEK
m.10 Jan 1837 Monmouth, New Jersey
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. John (b.1839 - d.1842)
  2. Joseph (b.1841 - d.1842)
  3. Margaret (b.~1843)
  4. William (b.1845, d.1846)
  5. Mary E. (b.1848 d.1859)
  6. Charles H. (b.1852 d.1853)
  7. Benjamin F. (b.~1855)
  8. Rebecca A. (b.~1857)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2013

1837 Monmouth County Marriage Record (Page 163).. Joseph Everingham married 10 Jan 1837 at Monmouth, New Jersey to Louisa Cornelia Leek.

1839-46 Whitesville Methodist Cemetery, Jackson, Ocean, NJ... William Everingham, b.15 Sept 1845, d.23 June 1846, son of Joseph & Cornelia L. Everingham, aged 9mo, 8 days. (all info from the stone)
another stone - Joseph Everingham b.27 Aug 1841, d.July 28 1842 stone says "son of Joseph & Cornelia Everingham, aged 11 mo, 1 day.)
John Everingham, b.8 Oct 1839, d.9 Aug 1842, son of Joseph & Cornelia L. Everingham, aged 2 years, 10 months, 1 day.)

Ocean County was split from Monmouth County in 1850, prior to this, it was simply part of Monmouth County, New Jersey - like their marriage record (above).
1850 CENSUS Brick, Ocean, New Jersey (family #45) ... Joseph Evringham 38, b.NJ,.. Louisa Evringham 33, b.NJ,.. Margaret 7, b.NJ,.. Mary 1, b.NJ.

1852 Ocean County Birth Record (Vol AA, pg 36).. Charles H. Everingham, male, b.9 Oct 1852 at Bergen Ironworks, Ocean, New Jersey... s/o Joseph & Mrs. Everingham

1853 Ocean County Death Record (Vol AA, pg.265)... Charles H. Everingham, male, age 1, born at Bergen Works, Ocean, NJ,.. burial 25 Nov 1853 at Bergen Ironworks, Ocean, NJ.. s/o Joseph & Cornelia Everingham.
1853 Whitesville Methodist Cemetery, Jackson, Ocean, NJ... Charles H. Everingham, b.1852,.. d.4 Oct 1853... stone says "aged 11 mo & 25 days."

1859 Ocean County Death Record (Vol AA, pg.297)... Mary Everingham, female, age 11, b.Bergen, Brick, Ocean, NJ,.. burial 10 Feb 1859 at Bergen, Ocean, NJ... d/o Joseph Everingham.
Cemetery stone at Whitesville, Jackson, Ocean, NJ... "in memory of Mary E. Everingham, daughter of Joseph & Louisa C. Everingham, b.4 Dec 1848, d.9 Feb 1859.

1870 CENSUS Brick township, Ocean, NJ (26 August 1870, page 61) ... Joseph Everingham 58, b.NJ,.. Louisa C. 54, b.NJ,.. Benjamin 14, b.NJ,.. Rebecca A. 12, b.NJ.

1878 Ocean County Marriage Record (pg 139 #1).. Benj. Everingham 22, s/o Joseph Everingham,... married 17 Mar 1878 at Jackson, Brick twp., Ocean, NJ,.. to Mary C. Hendrickson 22.

1880 Ocean County Death Record (Pg D-G, #11)... Joseph Everingham 68, male, married, b.U.S., occ; Moulder,.. d.31 July 1880 at Brick, Ocean, NJ..
1880 CENSUS Brick, Ocean, New Jersey (Page 30B #2823)... Cornelia Everingham 65, widowed, b.NJ, parents b.NJ.

1900 CENSUS Lakewood twp, Ocean, NJ (Page 31B, family #717)... Charles Mccue 35, b.NJ,.. Nora A. Mccue 26, b.NJ,.. Charles F. Mccue 4, son,.. Dorothy A. Mccue 2, dau,.. Cornelia L. Everingham 84, b.Dec 1816 NJ, widowed, mother of 3 children, 2 living. Cornelia had 8 or more children, but it appears that only 3 lived to an older age, the others died very young. Maybe this is why she claimed to be the mother of 3.

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