Burnham Family
Maria BURNHAM b.abt 1803 Ontario
Barton FARR (b.17 June 1800)
d.11 Feb 1870 Dunnville, Haldimand, ONT.
s/o William FARR

Chauncey BURNHAM (b.1788)


children: FARR
  1. Celestia (b.abt 1829)
  2. Avary S. (b.1829)
  3. Harley Hamilton (b.~1830)
  4. Catherine (b.1835)
  5. Jerome (b.~1839)
  6. Sarah (b.~1840)
  7. Eugene A. (b.~1842)
  8. Alice (b.~1844)
  9. Elizabeth (b.1854)
siblings: BURNHAM
  1. Oliver
  2. Catherine
  3. George
  4. Lyman (b.abt 1821)
  5. Violet (b.1828)
  6. Louisa (b.1833)
fact sources and writings about this individual: Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2006-2013

Maria was born about 1803 which means that she was born when her mother was about 14 or 15. Because of this she has been assigned to other people over the years but backing documentation including an affadavit signed by Catherine in 1838 says "John Burnham who claims a part of the estate of the late Capt. John Dochsteder is not her son but the son of her late sister Mary Burnham and the only surviving heir of the late Mary Burnham. Since Mary Burnham Farr was still alive at this point, this can not be referring to her. By some researchers estimations, Catherine was likely born about 1787.

The Everingham family of Michigan (c)2006, some brief information about the Dochstader, Burnham and Farr family. "Barton Farr built a large brick hotel and worked in the lumber industry. By the time of his death, he had acquired about 1000 acres along the Grand River. "

Catherine Farr married John George OGLESBY an English born man and had abt 6 children. They lived in Canaborough twp. Ontario... Barton FARR was born 17 June 1800 and died 11 February 1870 at Dunnville, Haldimand, Ontario. He was the son of William FARR, grandson of Richard & Elizabeth (Wade) Farr of Connecticut. Grandfather Richard Farr died 1819 in Lincoln County, Ontario.

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