Chloe Foster EVERINGHAM b.2 June 1896 Illinois
d.15 September 1916 Waynesville DeWitt IL
likely died from complications of childbirth
William A. UPTON (b.~1882 IL)
Nora Maye FOSTER
children: UPTON
  1. baby boy (b.3 Sept 1916)
    died 3 Sept 1916
  1. Mildred (b.~1901)
  2. Ralph O. (b.5 Jul 1902)
  3. Isaac Loren (b.~1904)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham, 2010:
1910 Waynesville, DeWitt, Illinois,... Charles B. Everingham 40, b.CAN, married, father born in NY, mother born in PA,... Nora M. 35,.. Chloe A. 13,... Mildred A. 9,... Ralph O. 7,... Isaac L. 6,... &... Bessie A. Mather 21 (no relation given)

1916 IL Death Registration - baby upton, boy b.3 Sept 1916, died 3 Sept 1916 at Wanesville, DeWitt, IL, father: William Upton b.Waynesville IL., mother: Clo. Everingham b.Waynesville IL. Burial; 4 Sept 1916.

1916 IL Death Registration - Chloe Foster Everingham Upton,.. b.2 Jun 1896 IL, father Chas Everingham b.CAN, mother; Nora Foster b.OH,.. occ: housewife,.. died 15 Sept 1916 at Waynesville, Dewitt, IL, age 20,... burial 17 Sept 1916, Waynesville, IL. She died 12 days after her son died at birth... It is likely that Chloe died of complications from that birth.

1920 CENSUS Williams Co. OH (image 208, sheet #4) Charles Everingham 51, b.CAN, both parents born in CAN, married,... Maye Everingham 49, wife, b.OH, father b.OH, mother b.PA,... Mildred 18, daughter,... Ralph 17, son,... Loren 16, son,... Marie Waton 4y6m, grand-daughter. This is a stretch... but it is possible that the granddaughter "Marie" is misspelled and could be "Marie Upton"... if so, it is also possible that she was a twin and the male twin died at birth in 1916 which would make her the daughter of Chloe???... otherwise, this could be a step-grandchild.

1920 CENSUS Waynesville Twp. Waynesville Village, DeWitt, IL ... James Upton 69 b.OH,.. Mary Upton 59, wife,... William Upton 38, b.IL, son, widowed,... Jessie Kraft 19, grand-daughter
This is Chloe's widowed husband & in-laws.
1930 CENSUS Waynesville, Illinois,.. Mary M. Upton 68, b.IL, parents b.IL, widowed,... William A. Upton 45, b.IL, widowed, son, parents b.IL

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