AKA "Loren"
b.abt 1904 Illinois
d.Sept 1978 at Fayette, Fulton, OH
Ilah ______?
Nora Maye FOSTER
children: ?
  1. Lillian (b.~1928)
  1. Chloe (b.1896)
  2. Mildred (b.~1901)
  3. Ralph O. (b.5 Jul 1902)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham, 2010, 2012:
1910 Waynesville, DeWitt, Illinois,... Charles B. Everingham 40, b.CAN, married, father born in NY, mother born in PA,... Nora M. 35,.. Chloe A. 13,... Mildred A. 9,... Ralph O. 7,... Isaac L. 6,... &... Bessie A. Mather 21 (no relation given)

1920 CENSUS Williams Co. OH (image 208, sheet #4) Charles Everingham 51, b.CAN, both parents born in CAN, married,... Maye Everingham 49, wife, b.OH, father b.OH, mother b.PA,... Mildred 18, daughter,... Ralph 17, son,... Loren 16, son,... Marie Waton 4y6m, grand-daughter.

1930 CENSUS Sylvania, Lucas County, Ohio (Sheet 23A, family #273) ... Clarence M. Sharp 32, b.MI,.. Hazel Sharp 31, b.MI,.. Ruth Sharp 13, b.MI,.. Blanche Sharp 12, b.MI,.. Harvey Sharp 9, b.MI,.. Isaac L. Everingham 26, b.IL

1940 CENSUS Fayette Village, Gorham Township, Fulton County, OH (Sheet 8A, fam #217) ... Loren Everingham 35, b.IL, truck driver, midwest Co... Ilah Everingham, 32, b.OH, wife, cook at a restaurant,.. Lillian Aeschliman 12, b.OH, daughter.

1978 SSDI -- Isaac Everingham b.15 December 1903 OH, died September 1978 age 75 at Fayette, Fulton, OH "same Isaac?.. this is the same place where (Loren Everingham) lived who was the informant in Charles B. Everingham's death registration."

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