? unknown branch
Clarissa J. EVINGHAM
AKA "Clara J."
b.8 May 1848 New York
d.3 April 1928 Belmont, NY
Jonathan EVINGHAM (b.1845 NY)
m.abt 1863 NY
Clara & John were first cousins.
John Evingham
Catherine Feathers
children: EVINGHAM
  1. William (b.July 1866 NY)
  2. John H. (b.~1868 NY)
  3. Edward (b.~1869 NY)
siblings: EVINGHAM
  1. Catherine (b.~1850 NY)
  2. Vernard (b.Feb 1853 NY)
  3. Mary Malinda (b.~1858 NY)
  4. Phillip (b.~1861 NY)
  5. George (b.~1862 NY)
  6. Ida M. (b.~1866 NY)
  7. John A. (b.Sept 1869 NY)
  8. Seth P. (b.~1871 NY)
  9. Lilly L. (b.May 1873 NY)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham 2013;
1870 CENSUS Amity, Allegany, New York ... Jonathan Evringham 24, farmer, Clara J. 22 keeping house, William 4, John 2, Edward 1 ... all born in New york.

1875 STATE CENSUS amity, Allegany, NY (#266) ... Johnithan Evingham 29, b.NY, farmer,.. Mary J. 27, wife, b.WIS, William 8, b.Allegany,.. Johney 7, b.Allegany.

1880 CENSUS Amity, Allegany, New York (Page 69A, #1521)... Johnithan Ervingham 34 b.NY, laborer,.. Clara J. Ervingham 33, b.WI,.. William 13, son, b.NY,.. John 12, son, b.NY.

1892 STATE CENSUS Amity, Allegany, New York... Sidney Evingham 74, farmer,.. Johnathan 45, Clara J. 44, William 25, (John 22, Rhoda 20) John & Rhoda were a married couple.

1900 CENSUS Belmont Vil, Allegany, New York ... Jonathan Evingham, b.May 1845 NY,... Clara J. b.May 1848 NY, wife, mother of 2, 2 living,... Wiliam b.July 1866 NY, son, married 8 yrs (abt 1892),... Harry, b.Jan 1893 NY, grandson,... Edith, b.Sept 1873 NY, daughter-in-law, married 8 yrs, mother of 1... Lottie, b.April 1894 NY, granddaughter.

1905 STATE CENSUS Amity, Allegany, New York... Jonathan Evingham 59, Clara J. wife, 57,.. Harry, nephew 12.

1910 CENSUS Amity, Allegany, NY ... Jonathan Evingham 63, Clara J. 61, wife,... Harry 17, nephew, b.PA,... George 46, b.NY, brother-in-law ???

1920 CENSUS Amity, Allegany, NY ... John H. Evingham 51 b.NY, widowed, father b.NY, mother b.WI,.. Clara Evingham 71, b.WI, widowed, mother.

1928 The Belmont Dispatch, Friday, April 6, 1928 ... "Mrs. Clara Evingham Mrs. Clara Evingham, aged 79, died at her home on the Plumbottom road Tuesday. The funeral services are being held today at two o'clock at the home. Burial in Forest Hills cemetery. Deceased is survived by two sons, William and John Evingham, a nephew Harry Evingham; two sisters, Mrs. Mary Brown and Mrs. Ida Brown; three brothers, Verne Evingham of Oswago, Pa., George Evigham of Wellsville and John Evingham of Scio; two granddaughters and one great-grandson. "

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