Cornelius EVERINGHAM b.late 1600s - early 1700's?,
Monmouth Co., New Jersey1
Sarah ROBINS of Monmouth NJ,
married: Aug 8, 17281
currently unknown
possible parent (Jeremiah?)
children: EVERINGHAM

    currently unknown

    possible child

  1. John (b.1730's?)



research of Kevin Everingham, 2001-
fact sources and writings about this individual

Also see: The first 2
generations in America
1Documents relating to the Colonial History of New Jersey Vol.22,
see marriage record page.

SPECULATION It is believed by some researchers, that this Cornelius could be the father of some of the Everingham boys born in the early to mid 1700's.

New Jersey
Early New Jersey
Everingham family
living in the
same area.
(see locations)
(currently no proof) For the record, nobody has found any evidence of any children of Cornelius & Sarah. There were Everinghams born in early 1700s that would fit here... example: James Everingame (b.~1730) married Ann Quick.

2For more information on the Robbins family, see Sarah's page.

Child "John" listed above is here as speculation only. An absolute connection has not been made but the family he married into "Giberson" has close connections to the "Robins" family, which John Everingham was also a descendant of. (see Sarah's page)

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