Clifford Penrose EVERINGHAM
b.16 June 1913 Alameda, California
d.2 December 1991 Alameda, CA
John Percival EVERINGHAM
children: EVERINGHAM
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Frederick P. (b.~1918 CA)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2013:

1913 California Birth Index... Clifford Everingham, male, b.16 June 1913 at Alameda, Calafornia, mother's name: Sappers.

1920 CENSUS Oakland, Alameda, California (Sheet 18B, home #382).. John P. Everingham 30, b.ENG,.. May Everingham 28, b.CA,.. Clifford P. Everingham 6, b.CA,.. Frederick P. Everingham 2, b.CA,.. Kathryn Serpa 55, b.Portual, mother-in-law.

1930 CENSUS Oakland, Alameda, California (Sheet 1A, home #7)... Katherine G. Serpa 67, b.Portugal,.. John P. Ervingham 42, b.Eng, son-in-law,.. May Ervingham 41, b.CA, daughter,.. Clifford P. Ervingham 16, b.CA, grandson,.. Frederick P. Ervingham 12, b.CA, grandson. family living with May's mother

1940 CENSUS Oakland, Alameda, CA (Sheet 9B, family #214)... Percy Everingham 47, b.ENG,.. Mae Everingham 45, b.CA,.. Clifford Everingham 26, b.CA,.. Katherine Sapper 76, b.Portugal, mother-in-law.

1942 WWII, enlistment for the duration of the War, at Presidio of Monterey, CA... Clifford Everingham, enlistment March 7, 1942. born 1913 in CA. education level 4 years of high school. occ: semiskilled welders and flame cutters., single no dependents... Rank Pvt.

1991 California Death Index .. Clifford Penrose Everingham, b.16 June 1913 in California, died 2 Dec 1991 at Alameda, CA. mother; Serpa.

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