John Percival EVERINGHAM
AKA "Percy"
b.29 March 1888 Hedon, Yorkshire, ENG. - immigrated abt. 1910, lived in California
m.July 1912 California, USA
d/o Katherine (?) SERPAS b.Portugal
William Penrose EVERINGHAM
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Clifford Penrose (b.16 June 1913 CA)
  2. Frederick P. (b.5 Dec 1917 CA)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Edith Gertrude (b.27 Dec 1889)
  2. William P. (b.~1899)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2013:

1888 Yorkshire Birth Record (Page 136, #87)... John Percival Everingham, male, b.29 March 1888 at Hedon, York, England, s/o William Penrose Everingham & Anne.

1910 (Immigration) Manifests of Passangers arriving through Canadian Pacific and Atlantic ports.... John Percival Everingham, 22, male, English, born in Hedon, England,.. arrived at Port Huron, Michigan, October, 1910.

1910 CENSUS Oakland, Alameda, CA (Sheet 8A, home #172)... Selvestre A. Serpas 56, b.Portugal,.. Catherina Serpas 46, b.Portugal, wife,.. Maria Serpas 21, b.CA, daughter,.. Frank Serpas 19, b.CA, son.

1912 The San Francisco Call (Newspaper), Thursday, July 11, 1912... marriages; Everingham-Sappers ... John P. Everingham 24, and May Sappers 22, both of Oakland.

1913 California Birth Index... Clifford Everingham, male, b.16 June 1913 at Alameda, Calafornia, mother's name: Sappers.

1917 WWI Selective Service Draft Registration... John Percival Everingham, born 29 March 1888 Hedon, England.... address 1902 E.20th, Oakland, Calif., naturalized citizen, occ: Chauffer at S.F.O. Terminal Rails, Oakland, Alameda Co. CA, dependents: Mother, Wife & child... Registrar's Report - medium height, medium build, Blue eyes, Brown hair., signed June 5, 1917.
1917 California Birth Index... Fredrick P. Everingham, male, b.5 Dec 1917 at Alameda, CA,.. mother's name "Sappers".

1920 CENSUS Oakland, Alameda, California (Sheet 18B, home #382).. John P. Everingham 30, b.ENG,.. May Everingham 28, b.CA,.. Clifford P. Everingham 6, b.CA,.. Frederick P. Everingham 2, b.CA,.. Kathryn Serpa 55, b.Portual, mother-in-law.

1930 CENSUS Oakland, Alameda, California (Sheet 1A, home #7)... Katherine G. Serpa 67, b.Portugal,.. John P. Ervingham 42, b.Eng, son-in-law,.. May Ervingham 41, b.CA, daughter,.. Clifford P. Ervingham 16, b.CA, grandson,.. Frederick P. Ervingham 12, b.CA, grandson. family living with May's mother

1940 CENSUS Oakland, Alameda, CA (Sheet 9B, family #214)... Percy Everingham 47, b.ENG,.. Mae Everingham 45, b.CA,.. Clifford Everingham 26, b.CA,.. Katherine Sapper 76, b.Portugal, mother-in-law.

1977 California Death Index.... Mae. A. Everingham, born 15 Aug 1894 California, died 11 Feb 1977 at Marin, California.

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