Saloma DENNY b.abt 1827 NY
d.1889 NY (Fayetteville Cemetery)
Walter EVERINGHAM m.5 Jul 1847
married at Vernon.
Charles DENNY
children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Ida A. (b.1849)
  2. Ellen T. (b.~1853)
  3. Rosa V. (b.~1855)
  4. Charles S. (b.~1857)
  5. Lewis B. (b.~1862)
  6. Deforest B. (b.~1866)
  1. Charles (b.1829 NY)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham, 1999-2013.
1850 CENSUS Manlius, Onondga, NY (Family #595).. Walter Evingham 27, blacksmith,.. Saloma 23,.. Ida F, 5/12.

1855 STATE CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (#264)... Walter Everingham 32, b.Cayuga, married, living in this city for 27 years, occ: Blacksmith,.. Saloma Everingham 27, wife, b.Onondaga, living in this city for 27 yrs,.. Ida Everingham 5, dau,.. Ellen Everingham 3, dau,.. (blank) Everingham 9/12, dau.... David Louis 51, boarder, occ: Blacksmith.

1860 CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (family #553) ... Walter Evringham, 39, occ: blacksmith,.. Saloma 33,.. Ida A. 9,.. Ellen T. 7,.. Rosa V. 5,.. Charles S. 3, - all b.NY

1870 CENSUS Walter Everingham 49, Saloma 40, Kate 18, Charles 13, Lewis 7, Forrest 2.
1875 STATE CENSUS E.D.2 Manlius, Onondaga, NY (Page 51, family #150) ... Walter Everingham 53,.. Saloma 47,.. Ellen 23,.. Rosa B. 20,.. Charles G. 18,.. Lewis 12,.. Forrest 7.

4Onondaga Historical Association, the Onondaga Standard, on July 7, 1847, published the following notice which was perhaps abstracted by the Association: Denny, Miss Saloma Married 7-5-47 at Vernon, by the Rev. S. Emmons, to Mr. Walter Everingham, both of Fayetteville.

5further information from Doug Hickling, 2004: Saloma Denny's mother was Sabrina (Goodfellow) Denny, wife of Charles Denny, son of John Denny. Sabrina's husband Charles was dead by 1830, when the census lists her as the head of household. Sabrina Goodfellow was born 21 September 1801 in Fayetteville, the daughter of Ichabod Goodfellow and Phebe Huntley, daughter of Ezra Huntley and Phebe Robbins.
Sabrina's father Ichabod died before his father when he was drowned in Limestone Creek on 6 Aril 1829. Sabrina Denny is mentioned twice in the probate records relating to her grandfather John Goodfellow who died on 21 June 1832. on page 283 she is specifically referred to as "Sabrina Denny, the widow of Charles Denny, deceased."
?Of possible interest is the fact that at the time that Saloma Denny married Walter Everingham, her mother Sabrina Denny was married to one Jeremiah Everingham. According to another record abstracted by the Onondaga Historical Society from the Onondaga Standard of June 15, 1842 Evingham, Jeremiah Married in Manlius, on the evening of the 2nd inst. by Rev. W. Bailey, Mr. Jeremiah Evingham to Miss Sabrina Goodfellow, all of Manlius.

?One more un-solved clue is the 1880 Census link listed above, it shows a Jerry & Kate Everingham living in Manlius, NY with son Millard. Also living with them was a Jasper Goodfellow! ... This Jerry's death record in 1920 lists his nearest relatives as "Jerry & Sabrina".

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