"Jeremiah EVRINGHAM" in many records.
AKA "Jerry" Pvt. Co. H. 2nd NY Cav.
b.July 1844 NY
d.30 July 1920 Fayetteville, NY
Catherine "Kate" COLTEN (b.~1847 NY)

d/o John & Agnes Colton


Jeremiah EVERINGHAM (b.~1821 NY)
Sabrina GOODFELLOW (b.~1801 NY)
mentioned in death record

children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Millward C. (b.~1867)
  2. Minnie (b.~1870)
  3. Leonard (b~1871)
  4. Lovina (b.~1873)
  1. Saloma DENNY
  2. Charles DENNY

  3. Martha Ann NORTHRUP (b.~1849)
  4. Marian NORTHRUP (b.~1853)
  5. Calvin NORTHRUP (b.~1858)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

2Research of Kevin Everingham, 1999-2012.

1850 CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (house #634).. "Calvin Northrup 24, b.NY,.. Surbrina Northrup 25, b.NY,.. Jeremiah Evingham 6, b.NY,.. Martha Northrup 1, b.NY." There is a Calvin Northrup buried at Fayetteville Cemetery, in Onondga, NY where many Everinghams are buried.. he died 7 June 1908.

1855 STATE Census Manlius, Onondaga, NY (Page 408, family #316)... John Colton 30, b.Ireland,.. Agnes 29, b.Ireland, wife,.. Catherine 8,.. John 6,.. Elisa J. 5,.. Lavina 4,.. Clara 2. all children born in Onondaga.
1855 CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (family #263).. "Calvin & Sabrina Northrup,... Jeremiah is 10 and listed as a (Northrup) - all other listings show him as (Evringham), also Martha 6, & Maria 1.. Calvin's brother Ebenezer Northrup 22 was living with them, and Charles Richardson 7, a cousin."

1860 CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (house #124).. "Calvin Northrup 24, b.NY,.. Sabrina Northrup 36, b.NY,.. Jeremiah Evringham 14, b.NY,.. Martha A. Northrup 11, b.NY,.. Marion F. Northrup 7, b.NY,.. Calvin Northrup 1, b.NY."

1860 Two Jeremiah Evringham's lived in Onondaga, New York (more research is needed)... one, age 14 lived in Manlius, Onondaga, NY which is likely this same Jeremiah, and another, age 18, lived at Dewitt, Onondaga, NY.

1865 STATE CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (house #151).. "Calvin D. Northrop 39,.. Sabrina Northrop 41,.. Martha Ann Northrop 18, dau,.. Marian Northrop 12, dau,.. Jeremiah Evringham 20."
1870 Calvin & Sabrina Northrup and daughter Marion were living in Onondaga County, NY.

1875 STATE CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY, (Pge 43, family #69).. Jeremiah Evringham 31,.. Catherine 20,.. Millward C. 8,.. Minnie 5,.. Leonard 4,.. Lovina 2.
1875 STATE CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY, (Pge 34, family #350).. Agnes Colton 51, b.Ireland,.. Addison Colton 14, son, b.Onondaga.
1875 STATE CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (Page 7, fam #71).. "Joseph Ecker 30,.. Marian Ecker 21, wife,.. Joseph Ecker 4, son,.. Orve Ecker 1, son,.. Surbrina Northrup 50, mother,.. Calvin Northrup 48, father." Sabrina & Calvin are actually father-in-law and mother-in-law of Joseph Ecker, parents of Marian, his wife.

1880 CENSUS Manlius, Onondga, NY ... Jerry Everingham 35, b.~1845,.. Kate Everingham 34, b.~1846,.. Millard Everingham 13, b.~1867... Fred Miller 26,.. Jasper Goodfellow 23, b.NY,... Agness Colten 55, b.Ireland, mother-in-law.
1880 CENSUS Fayetteville, Onondaga, NY (sheet 19C, house #11172521).. "Calvin Northup 53,.. Sabrina Northup 55."

1886 Index US Pension Files ... Jerry Everingham, Co.H, 2nd N.Y. Cav., pension, 1886, New York, dependent: Kate Everingham.

1886 The Syracuse Standard Newspaper, Wednesday, July 14, 1886... "(Fayettevelle News) - The funeral of Miss Colton was held at the house of Jerry Evingham on Sunday." This was the funeral of Lavina Colton, child of John & Agnes, sister of Kate Everingham.

1890 US Military CENSUS special schedule, surviving soldiers, sailors and marines .... Jeremiah Everingham, private, Co.H, 2nd NY Cav... enlisted 3 Sept 1864, discharged June 5, 1865... service, 10 mo, 2 days.

1892 STATE CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY ... Jerry Everingham 47,.. Katherine 44... on another page of this same census; Calvin Northrup 67 & Surbrina Northrup 67... living very close to; George Everingham 55, a miller.

1900 CENSUS Manlius Twp, Fayetteville, Onondga, NY (Page 9B, family #254).... Jerry Everingham 56, b.July 1844 NY, parents b.NY, married 34 years (~1866),... Kate Everingham 53, b.April 1847 NY, parents b.Ireland., married 34 yrs, mother of 4, 1 child living.

Memories of Fayetteville, NY by Charles S. Newman. --- "INTERSECTION OF SPRING STREET... Jerry Everingham family residence. He was a Civil War veteran. This property was formerly owned by Mrs. Colton, mother of Addison T. Colton. Millward (Mill), a son of Jerry Everingham, was a village merchant for many years."

1910 CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (Page 7, family #196).. Jermiah Everingham 66, b.NY,.. Catharine Everingham 62, b.NY.

1920 CENSUS Onondaga, NY (sheet 8)... Jerry Everingham 70, b.NY,.. Kate Everingham 72, b.NY.
1920 The Fayetteville Bulletin, Fayetteville, Onondaga, NY July 30, 1920.. "Jerry Everingham is very ill at his home on Orchard street, having suffered a stroke of apoplexy."
1920 US Army Veteran's administration, Pension Payment info... Jerry Everingham, beneficiary; Kate Everingham, Pension, 1907-1933, type: Army Invalid,.. death date 30 July 1920... payable to widow Kate Everingham, Fayetteville, NY.
1920 Death of Jeremiah (Index of Deaths in Manlius, NY) Fayetteville Cemetery, Onondaga, NY --- Jeremiah "Jerry" Everingham d.30 July 1920, age 76, spouse: Kate, son of Jerry & Sabrina.

1925 STATE CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, New York (Page 14, line 9)... Milward C. Everingham 58.

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