Donald James EVERINGHAM b.13 May 1925 in Wyandotte Gen Hosp. Detroit, MI
d.18 July 1987
Jeanine Bette LAPORTE 30 Aug 1947
in St. Anne's Church, 19th & Howard, Detroit,MI
Benjamin George EVERINGHAM (b.1885)
Catherine E. DOMAN (b.1890)
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Craig John (b.25 Aug 1950)
  2. Jan Ellen (b.30 May 1954)
  3. David James (b.19 Dec 1955)
  4. Sue Carol (b.10 Jan 1960)
  1. John Theopolis (b.12 Oct 1911)
  2. Roslyn (b.4 Oct 1916)
  3. Ivan George (b.8 May 1920)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
occupation: Medical Doctor

wife "Jeanine" is the daughter of Salomon LAPORTE and Theresa VIGEANT. She was born 17 Mar 1927 in Field, Ontario.

1987 Cemetery "Our lady of Hope Cemetery".. Brownstown township, Wayne County, Michigan. ... Dr. Donald Everingham (13 May 1925- 18 Jul 1987)

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