Dr. David James EVERINGHAM b.19 Dec. 1955
Kathleen Anne BATTERSON
Dr. Donald James EVERINGHAM (b.1925)
Jeanine LAPORTE (b.1927)
  1. Emily Ann
    (b.25 OCT.1984 fraternal twin)
  2. Zachary David
    (b.25 OCT.1984 fraternal twin)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Craig John (b.25 Aug 1950)
  2. Jan Ellen (b.30 May 1954)
  3. Sue Carol (b.10 Jan 1960)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
David is a physician in general practice in Romulus Michigan.

Thanks to Emily and her family for this information.
Thanks to "Roger Harris" of Canada for information on the ancestors of this family.

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