Eugenie B. EVERINGHAM b. 27 Aug 1848 Milan, Erie, Ohio
d.13 Jan 1929 Syracuse, NY
Terence J. GOODWIN b.1843
William EVERINGHAM b.1807
Asenath Elvira HUMPHREY
children: GOODWIN

  1. Eugenie (d.1881 1yr 2mo.)
  2. Ethlynde Everingham
children born in Syracuse, NY
  1. Laura (b.13 May 1835 Ohio)
  2. Clara (b.3 Mar 1837 New York)
  3. Eugene (b.2 Nov 1843 Ohio)
  4. Eunecia Bidwell (b.13 Nov 1845)
  5. William Bradner (b.17 Sep 1850)
  6. Nettie (b.5 Jun 1853)
  7. Herbert Grayson (b.23 Mar 1861)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Terrence Goodwin was Scotch & English, from Manchester England 1860, age 17.
The family lived in Syracuse NY. He later was a shirt manufacturer.

1929 Cemetery info... Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.. Eugena B. Everingham Goodwin, b.27 Aug 1858 Ohio, died 13 January 1929 Syracuse, Onondaga, NY, daughter of; William & Alvina H. Everingham.

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