Ella Louisa EVERINGHAM b.abt 1882, Onondaga, NY
Church of Christ Manlius Confirmations.
& Louisa Ann TRUMBULL

  1. Orville (b.~1881)
  2. Millard Taylor (b.1887)
  3. Leslie Ray (b.~1891)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Research of Kevin Everingham, 1999-2003.

survives Typhoid;
1913 or 1914 Fayetteville Bulletin, Manlius section... Miss Ella Everingham daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Everingham who has been employed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Beach for several months past is the latest victim of the typhoid fever. The culture ####? by the attending physician, Dr. C. E. Curtis was pronounced typhoid by Dr. Carroll the county bacteriologist on Monday. Miss Everingham has the fever in a light form at present. It wasn't until 1909 when American's perfected a typhoid vaccine for it's military and that wasn't released to the public until 1914. The first serious treatment beyond general antibiotics for typhoid wasn't developed in America until 1948.

1917 County Directory of Onondaga lists; Ella Everingham (listed alone, probably single) living at Pleasant Street, Manlius.

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