Enoch EVERINGHAM b.mid to 1780's NJ
Mary _____?
currently unknown
children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Enoch H. (b.1803)
  2. Mary Adeline4
  3. Clayton (b.1811)6
see speculation note #6 below, this Clayton is brother of Enoch (b.1803)

7Enoch Jr's Death Certificate
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Info from Debbie Cutts - "Goodfellow"
2Speculation of Tom Phillips, see notes on Clayton's page.
3diary of Annie E. Dougherty "Enoch's grandson's sister-in-law".
4Information from a letter sent to Enoch in Princeton. (family has it)
5Enoch Jr. death certificate lists his father as Enoch mother as Mary.

6From family letters it is known, that Enoch (b.1803) had a brother "Clayton" linked to above, however, it is not known for sure if Clayton was this Enoch's son. It is possible that Clayton was a 1/2 brother of Enoch & had another Everingham parent. For now, I am listing him here.

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