of Middlesex, New Jersey
b.19 Aug 1811
d.26 June 1888
Brainerd Cemetery, Cranbury, NJ
Jane C. DEY m.25 Jan 1837
(b.24 Sep 1807 d.1 Jan 1839) age 32
died shortly after daughter was born.
Ann Elizabeth LANNING
(b.7 Jun 1816 d.16 Dec 1894)
m.18 Dec 1839 Brainerd Cem, Cranbury, NJ

Enoch & Mary EVERINGHAM3

Henry EVERNHAM (b.~1864)5
of Middlesex Co. NJ

children: EVERNHAM
  1. Jane Dey (b.23 Dec 1838)
    married Alex L. Everingham of Cranbury
  2. William Henry Harrison (b.7 Jul 1841)4
  3. Charles Vanderveer (b.1843)
siblings: Evernham
  1. Enoch H.
  2. Mary Adeline
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Page Info Submitted by: Susan Danser

1Marriage records of the Cranbury Methodist Church
2Evernham Family Bible belonging to Gertrude Harder Danser, granddaughter of Clayton
3Family line connected by Tom Phillips, Jan, 2004: "In a letter written by Enoch's daughter Anna Marie Trimper, in the possession of Susan Danser, Anna Marie Trimper (daughter of Enoch H. & Tilly Everingham) refers to Clayton Everingham as her uncle and Enoch's brother. Only this Clayton Everingham, or Evernham, could be the one that Anna Marie Trimper is referring to! The reason is because the letter was written after 1865 and the only other Clayton Everingham was killed in the Civil War in 1864!

I would almost go so far as to say that Clayton is also the son of Enoch (b. 1780s?) & Mary Everingham, except for this possibility: Clayton may be his half-brother. Some researchers of this family line believe that Enoch's father (b. in the 1760s or so) was Henry Everingham (b. 1764) who still has 12 undocumented children out there.

4Wm. Henry Harrison Everingham died 11 Nov 1848.

5research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2011;
1837 Mercer, New Jersey Marriage Index (101278-8) Clayton Everenham married Jane Dye on January 25, 1837 at Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey.

1850 CENSUS Monroe, Middlesex, New Jersey (Line 4, family #135) ... Clayton Evernham 40, b.NJ,... Ann E. Evernham 34, b.NJ,... Charles Evernham 7, b.NJ.
notice there are only 3 EVERNHAM families living in Monroe NJ in 1850; Clayton & Ann,.. William & Mary ... & Ellison & Sarah... from a book reference it is extremely likely that Ellison & William are brothers, their father Henry was also from here. Now take a look at Ellison's son George who married Anna Perrine and compare that to Clayton's son Charles, who's daughter was Sarah Emma Perrine. Clayton married Jane Dey,.. Ellison married Sarah Dey. All these people living close to each-other in Middlesex County, New Jersey.

1870 CENSUS South Brunswick, Middlesex, NJ (Pg 49, July 14, 1870, family #407).... Clayton Everevnham 59, farm laborer, b.NJ, value of real estate 3,000, value of personal estate 300,... Anna E. Everevnham 53, keeping house, b.NJ,... Charles Everevnham 27, farm laborer, b.NJ.

1880 CENSUS Cranberry, Middlesex, NJ (Page 350B, #4597) ... Clayton Evernham 68,.. Ann E. Evernham 63.

Brainerd Cemetery Cranbury, Middlesex County, New Jeresy... Jane Dey Everingham (1838-1892) ... Ann Eliza Laning, wife of Clayton Evernham b.7 June 1816, died 16 Dec 1894. ... Ann Elizabeth Huff Everingham 1843- 26 Aug 1923 ... Pvt. Charles V. Everingham (1843-1923)

Also see possible family link to Benjamin Evernham (b.1764) buried near Jane C. Dey. (see cemetery index on this page)

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