? unknown branch
b.May 1894 Washington
still single at age 37.
William Henry EVINGHAM
Carrie Adeline GRISWOLD
children: EVRINGHAM
siblings: EVRINGHAM
  1. Harry M. (b.Mar 1884 MI)
  2. Earnest Clark (b.May 1886 MI)
  3. Lester Harold (b.July 1896 WA)
  4. Paul Vernon (b.May 1902 OR)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham 2013

1900 CENSUS Kamakawa, Wahkiakum County, Washington (Sheet 5A #101)... Wm. H. Everingham 42, b.Mar 1858 PA, married 19 years,.. Carrie A. 36, b.Dec 1863 NY, wife, mother of 6 children, 4 living,.. Harry M. 18, b.Mar 1884 MI,.. Earnest 14, b.May 1886 MI,.. Earl S. 8, b.May 1894 WA,.. Lester H. 3, b.July 1896 WA.

1920 CENSUS Multnomah, Oregon (Sheet 10, house #250).. Frank H. Griswold 66, b.NY,.. Hannah S. Griswold 66, b.CAN, wife,.. Earl Everingham 27, b.WA, single, nephew, parents b.MI,.. Ethel G. Griswold 29, b.OR I am very confindent that this is the correct Earl, even though he lists his parents places of birth incorrectly,.. his mother's maiden name was Griswold and she died the year before this census. I believe he is living with his uncle (Mom's older brother).

1930 CENSUS Fort Rock, Lake, Oregon (Sheet 2A, home #44).. Earl S. Evringham 37, b.WA, laborer, single, father b.MI, mother b.IN...(he is not living alone, he is in a group of random laborers, possibly a farm?) not 100% sure this is the right Earl. Parents places of birth are wrong again, but this is likely him. I don't find Earl after 1930

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