? unknown branch
b.abt 1891 New York or PA?
d.1971 Belmont, Allegany, NY
Jesse L. SEELY
m.14 June 1910 Scio, NY
Philip Evingham
children: SEELY
  1. Leroy H. (b.~1902)
siblings: EVINGHAM
  1. Elias (b.1886 d.1904 age 19)
  2. Charles W.
  3. Harry
    she had 4 brothers
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham 2011-2015;
1900 June 1.. Eunice's father Phillip Evingham dies in a terrible sawmill accident. Eunice grows up living with her uncle John Evingham who likely didn't have children.

1905 STATE CENSUS Scio, Allegany, NY ...
John A. Evingham, 36, , farmer,... Ida J. 41,... Eunice 14, niece, at school,

Note; Eunice appears in a few Belmont, NY, and Alfred, NY newspapers from 1905-1909 listed as a successful school student.

1910 CENSUS Scio, Allegany, NY ... John A. Evingham, 41, b.NY,... Ida 47, wife, b.NY,.. Eunice Evingham 19, niece, b.PA,... Charles Root, b.PA, parents b.PA.

1910 Marriage License, June 13, 1910 for Jesse L. Seely 28, s/o James P. Seely & Nancy E. Watkins.... and Eunice O. Evingham 19, d/o Philip Evingham & Edna Allen... married 14 June 1910 at Scio, Allegany County, New York.
1910 The Bolivar Breeze, June 23, 1910,.. "Mr. Jesse L. Seely and Miss Eunice Evingham, both of Scio, were united in marriage in that village, June 14.

1910 The Bolivar Breeze, Thursday, August 25, 1910... "Mrs. Maria Evingham, aged 69 years, died Thursday at her home in Belmont, after a brief illness. Two children survive." - this is Eunice's step-mother. The surviving children are likely previous children she had.

1920 US CENSUS, Scio, Allegany, NY (Sheet 1B, house #32)..."Jesse L. Seely 37, married, b.PA,.. Eunice O. Seely 28, b.PA,.. Leroy Seely 7, b.NY."

1930 US CENSUS, Bolivar, Allegany, NY (Sheet 2A, house #37).. "Jesse L. Seely 47, b.PA, parents b.PA,.. Eunice Seely, wife, 39, b.PA, parents b.NY,.. Leroy H. Seely 18, son, b.NY."

1971 Cemetery records, Forest Hills cemetery, Belmont, Allegany County, New York.
Eunice O. Seely (1891-1971). also buried here; Jessie Seely (1882-1967).. Josephine P. Bigelow Seely (1912-1990),.. Amanda Knight Seely, Van Campen (1819-1896). no less than 15 EVINGHAM's are also buried here, including; Arilla Evingham DeLong, Clara Jane Evingham, Cyrus Evingham, Edith Travis Evingham, Irene Sears Evingham, John Henry Evingham, Jonathan Evingham, Mary H. Evingham, Milton A. Evingham, Roy E. Evingham, Sarah Gregory Evingham, William Evingham, Asenath Evingham Feathers, Charlotte Evingham Patterson, Phoebe Ann Everingham Swift.

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