Freda Eunice EVERINGHAM b.25 July 1910 in Onaway, MI
d.6 Sept 1911 in Onaway. (cemetery)
(burial info below)
Charles EVERINGHAM (4 Nov.1884)
Clara J. Graves (b.4 Nov 1883)

Freda died young.

  1. Viola (b.1906)
  2. Raymond Daleford (b.1908)
  3. Clifford (b.1917)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

information provided from a family bible by Marv & Tarry Everingham 1999.

freda & viola's markerBurial: Lot 6, tier 10: "Family was very poor at the time and could not afford a large family headstone" Stone in ground, hand made: Freda and Viola Everingham. (Freda left, Viola right) No birth or death dates on stone. Stone is sunk into the ground, and very hard to read. Owners East half of lot "Charles Everingham", West half is owned by Charles' brother, George Everingham (no burial info for the west side).
It has been suggested that viola had previously been buried in Tower, Cheboygan County, MI, and was later moved to the plot next to her sister in Elmwood Cemetery, Onaway, Presque Isle County, MI.

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