AKA "Everingham" occ: Wheelwright
b.June 1857 Middlesex County, New Jersey
d.3 January 1939 NJ
Brainerd Cemetery, Cranbury, NJ
Anna Virginia PERRINE (b.Jan 1872)
d.11 February 1959 Cranbury, NJ
m.15 June 1891 Cranbury, Middlesex NJ
Ellison Evernham (b.1817)
Sarah Maria DEY (b.1821)
children: EVERNHAM
    none found.
siblings: EVERNHAM
  1. Mary Ann
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham, 2010
1873 Baptism Record ... First Presbyterian Church, Cranbury, Middlesex, NJ... Anna Virginia Perrine, born 1 January 1872, baptised 9 February 1873,.. parents: Andrew & Anna Perrine.

1880 CENSUS Monroe Twp. Middlesex, NJ -- Anna P. Perrine 45, b.NJ, farmer, widowed,... Ruliff 20,... Mathias M. 19,.. Henry 17,.. Cathern 18,.. Anna V. 7, b.NJ, at school,.. Laura Etta 6.

1891 Marriage Record, Middlesex, NJ -- George Everingham 34,... Anna V. Perrine 20, married 15 June 1891 at Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey.

1900 CENSUS Monroe Twp. Middlesex, NJ -- Ellis Evernham, b.Apr 1817 NJ, parents b.NJ,... Sarah M. wife, b.Sept 1821 NJ, parents b.NJ, married 56 years, mother of 1, 1 living,... George b.June 1857 NJ, son, married 8 years (1892)... Anna V. b.Jan 1872, daughter-in-law, b.NJ, parents b.NJ, married 8 yrs, no children.

1920 CENSUS Middlesex, NJ -- George Evernham 61, b.NJ, married,.. Anna V. 47, wife, b.NJ.

Book Note ... I believe this is the same George Everingham who was interviewed in the book:
"Fare to Midlands" by Henry Charlton Beck 1939. In the book, his name is given as George "Everingham"... Chapter 17 -- The book says; "George Everingham, whos father and grandfather were smiths & wheelwrights before him at the crossroads at Red Tavern (Applegarth)..." George tells about people he knew from the "cranberry" area, specificallly "Red Tavern/Applegarth". The section also discusses the "Dey" & "Perrine" family. --- The book is a great source for early New Jersey history (Middlesex NJ...Crosswicks, Freehold, Shrewsbury, several forgotten villages and people.) and was re-released in 1962 as "The Jersey Midlands"
photo from the book:

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