AKA "EVERNHAM" occ: Wheelwright
b.April 1817 NJ
d.13 August 1900 Middlesex, NJ
Brainerd Cem, Cranbury, NJ
Sarah Maria Patterson DEY (b.1821)
m.21 Jan 1844 Trenton, Mercer, NJ
Henry Evernham (b.~1764?)
Rebecca JAMES
children: EVERNHAM
  1. George (b.1857)
  2. Mary Ann
siblings: EVERNHAM
  1. Henry (b.Oct 18,1815)
  2. Martha (b.May 20, 1819)
  3. Aaron Radford (b.1824)

    possible sibling;

  4. William (b.~1801)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
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Child above (George) married Anna V.

Research of Kevin Everingham, 2009
1821 Baptism/Christening -- Sarah Maria Patterson Dey, 4 November 1821 at First Presbyterian Church, Cranbury, Middlesex, NJ,.. born 16 September 1821... d/o Samuel L. Dey & Elizabeth.

1844 Marriage Record, Mercer County, NJ ... Ellison Everingham married Sarah Maria Dey, 21 Jan 1844 at Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey.

1850 CENSUS Monroe Twp. Middlesex, NJ (home #193)--- Elison Evernham 33, b.NJ,.. Sarah Mariah Evernham 26, b.NJ. living 2 homes away (home #195) was; James & Jane Dey and children. living next door to Elison (home #192) was; William Evernham family.

1870 CENSUS Monroe Twp. Middlesex, NJ --- Ellis Evernham 53, b.NJ... Sarah 49, b.NJ,... Geo 13, b.NJ

1880 CENSUS Monroe Twp. Middlesex, NJ --- Ellis Evernham 63 b.NJ 1817, parents b.NJ married, occ: Wheelwright,... Sarah M. 57 b.NJ, wife, parents b.NJ,... George 22, son, single, b.NJ.

1900 CENSUS Monroe Twp. Middlesex, NJ -- Ellis Evernham, b.Apr 1817 NJ, parents b.NJ,... Sarah M. wife, b.Sept 1821 NJ, parents b.NJ, married 56 years, mother of 1, 1 living,... George b.June 1857 NJ, son, married 8 years (1892)... Anna V. b.Jan 1872, daughter-in-law, b.NJ, parents b.NJ, married 8 yrs, no children.

Book Note ... I believe this is the same Ellison Everingham mentioned in the book:
"Fare to Midlands" by Henry Charlton Beck 1939. The book mentions; George, William & Ellison Everingham and several Dey's. In the book and marriage record his name is given as Ellison Everingham... census data records the name as "Evernham" The book says; "George Everingham, whos father and grandfather were smiths & wheelwrights before him at the crossroads at Red Tavern (Applegarth)..." and also says: --- "William & Ellison Everingham owned wheelwright shops. I believe it's possible that this William mentioned is an unknown son of Henry & Rebecca Evernham.

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