Mary GILBERT b.abt 1725-1730
Joseph EVERINGHAM m.19 April 1751 widowed by 1764

m.16 Aug 1766 Monmouth, NJ

children: EVERINGHAM

    possible children (not proven)
  1. Amy (b.~1753 NJ)5
  2. Gilbert (b.~1758 NJ)



Also see: The first 2
generations in America
fact sources and writings about this individual:
1751 Document relating to colonial history of the State of New Jersey Marriage License Page 127 Joseph Everingham - Mansfield and Mary Gilbert of Mansfield married 19 April 1751.

1764 Joseph died by 1764 since he is listed as being from Mansfield and having died intestate.

1764 June 21, Admin of estate of Joseph Everingham - bond of Mary Everingham (his widow) as admx fellowbondsman Joseph Ivins 1764 June 21 inventory by John Richardson Jr and Joseph Ivins 1765, June 22 account by Admx.

1766 Monmouth, NJ Marriage Record (Page 324)... "John Watson, married Mary Everingham, widow, on August 16th, 1766 at Monmouth, New Jersey."

1767, July 27 account entered at request of John Watson - who has married the widow.

the same John Watson?
, April 28th,.. To be sold at public venue, on Monday the 29th of May next, (or at private Sale any Time before) at Perth-Amboy,.. A Boat called the Betsy, lately belonging to John Watson; the said Boat is in exceeding good Order, with a new Quarter Deck, and very commodious for Passengers or any other Business. She will carry about Six Cords of Wood. Jeremiah Stanton, William Wright.

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