Barbara GRANDMASON b.16 July 1929 Onaway, Presque Isle, MI
d.23 April 1930 Onaway, Presque Isle, MI
bur: Elmwood Cemetery, Onaway, MI
Records from Rogers City Courthouse, Presque Isle Co., MI parents:
Joseph GRANDMASON (b.1888)
Ethel Mary EVERINGHAM (b.1893)
research of Forrest W. & Barb C. both show the same date of birth and death for Barbara Grandmason.

age at death: 9 Months
(cemetery records)

  1. Adolph2 "Dolph" (b.1915)
  2. Hugh A. (b.1916)
  3. Beulah E. (b.1918)
  4. Elizabeth B. (b.1921)2
  5. Geraldine M. (b.1924)1,2
  6. Jessie A. (b.1926)1,2
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Information from Barb Curtindale, updated in 2001.
2Information from Forrest Wilkinson, 2002.

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