b.2 March 1824 Vermont
d.22 May 1904 Lapeer County, MI
Rachel SIPES (or SYPES)
children: GRAVES
  1. Mary J. (b.~1843)
  2. Susannah (b.~1846)
  3. Hezekiah (b.~1849)
  4. Hazleton (b.~1852)
  5. Marshall (b.~1854)
  6. Sheldon Hall (b.1857)
  7. Daniel James (b.1858)
  8. Douglas A. (b.~1861-3 d.1919)
  9. Enoch (b.1865)
  10. Rebecca (b.1866 d.1881)
  11. Charles Henry (b.5 Mar 1871)
  12. Pierce
  1. Elizabeth
  2. Jess
  3. Pittman
  4. Rebecca
  5. John (b.~1815)
  6. Hezekiah (b.~1819 d.1892)
  7. Sheldon Hawley (b.1828)
  8. Hazelton (b.1830)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
information provided by: USGenWeb data, RootsWeb databases, and the research of Concetta Franco, April 2003.

21861 Agricultural CENSUS of Blenheim Twp, Oxford Co, Ontario
Name spelled "Greaves", Concession 8, Lot 6:
Enoch, age 37, born in USA, (all others listed as born in CANADA) Rachel, 34; Hezekiah, 10; Hazleton, 8; Marshall, 6; Sheldon, 3; Daniel, 2.

Notes from Concetta Franco; Nancy Waters says that this family lived on Graves Ranch, Kingston, Ontario.

research of Kevin Everingham:

1851 CENSUS Blenheim, Oxford County, Canada West (Page 5, line 45).. "Enoch was listed as 20 or 30? in this census,.. Racheal Graves 27,.. Mary J. Graves 8,.. Susannah Graves 5,.. Hesekiah Graves 2." since Mary J. & Susannah aren't listed in the 1861 Census, it's possible they had died.

The 1881 Fire of Huron County, MI Chapman Bros. 1884
(some GRAVES children died in this fire) "Flying sheets of flame and balls of fire were seen in every direction. These would often overtake or light upon people fleeing for life, and burn them to death. Many found refuge in wells. One man sought a lake for safety, found behind him in the morning was a big bear, submissive as a kitten.
We could go on for days detailing incidents of this fire, and then not be half through. Space will not permit. We believe this conflagration has no parallel in the world's history. The Chicago fire of 1871 was not so extensive. The loss of life, the amount of property consumed, and the extent of the territory burned over the terrific speed with which the county was laid to waste; the wail of human suffering and anguish and woe that broke over these fair shores, it would seem never could be surpassed. "

1871 Birth Record Charles Henry Graves, born 5 March 1871 at Sanilac County, MI, s/o Enoch & Rachael Graves.
1875 Marriage (same or another Marshall?) Marshall Graves 21, (b.abt 1854)CAN, married Huldah J. Davis 19, b.MI, married 20 May 1875 Almont, Lapeer, MI. (no parents names given)
1881 Death Record Rebecca Graves 15, single, b.CAN, d/o Enoch & Rachel Graves, died 20 Oct 1881 at Bridgehampton, Sanilac, MI
1885 Marriage Enoch Graves married Eva J. Conger at Armada, Macomb County, MI (Michigan-ODM #2342477)
1887 Marriage Douglas A. Graves 24, s/o Enoch & Rachel Graves,.. married Martha Phillipo 22, d/o Thomas & Rachel Phillipo,... married 4 May 1887 Canning, Oxford, Ontario.
1889 Marriage Douglas A. Graves 28, s/o Enoch & Rachel Graves,.. married Bella Anderson 25, d/o William & Mary Anderson,... married 12 Nov 1889 Howard, Kent Co., Ontario.
1892 Newspaper Grand Rapids Herald, Nov. 12, 1892... "Enoch Graves, a farmer living near Leonard, traded buggies on Monday. While examining his trade he found a shotgun shell, and in handling it, it exploded, tearing away a thumb and two fingers." no idea if this is our Enoch, or another but Leonard is in Oakland County, MI.
1896 Marriage Henry Graves 25 b.CAN, s/o Enoch Graves & Rachel Syps, married Lillie White 28, b.Mt.Vernon, d/o Frank White & Johnston, first marriage for both, married 1 Oct 1896 at Macomb Co. MI.

1900 CENSUS Oxford village, Oakland county, MI (EnDist 96, Page 3A family #64) Henry Graves, b.March 1871 CAN, married 3 yrs,... Lillie Graves, b.March 1868 MI,... Frank L. Graves, son, b.July 1898 MI,... Charles Graves, son, b.Jan 1900 MI,... Enoch Graves, b.March 1824 Vermont, father, widowed,... Emma B. Alpine, b.Dec 1879 MI, "no relation given".

1904 Lapeer County Death Record #188 .. "Enoch Graves 78, male, s/o Daniel Graves, died 22 May 1904 at North Branch, Lapeer County, Michigan."
1904 Mount Zion Cemetery, Bridgehampton, Sanilac County, MI (Enoch Graves 2 March 1826 - d.22 May 1904)

1919 Death at London, Middlesex, Ontario.... Douglas Graves, age 56, d.31 August 1919 at London, Ontario, father: Enoch Graves. (1919 cn21634)

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