Hankinson EVERNHAM
b.abt 1859 New York
Florence Belle CARROLL (b.~1861)
m.28 Dec 1892 Hansell, Franklin, IA
Andrew Jackson EVERNHAM
Hannah L. GRANT
children: EVERNHAM

  1. Fern (b.~1894 IA)
  2. Vera Faye (b.2 Sept 1895 IA)
  3. Mabel (b.~1899 IA)
  4. Maud (b.~1903 IA)
  5. William (b.~1905 MN)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Catherine D. (b.1856)
  2. Armond Watson (b.1857)
  3. Thomas A. (b.1862)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham, 2011;

1860 CENSUS Dover, Ocean, NJ ... Hankinson Evernham was an infant, born abt 1859/1860.

1892 Marriage Record ... Hankinson Evernham 34 (b.~1858), born in NY, s/o Jackson Evernham & Hannah Grant,... married... Belle Carroll 31, b.PA, d/o William Carroll & Juda Gregory,.. m.28 Dec 1892 at Hansell, Franklin, Iowa.

1895 Birth Registration ... Vera Faye Evernham b.5 September 1895 at Kossuth, Iowa, daughter of: Hankinson Evernham & Bell Carroll.

Iowa Births (no date) Maud Evernham born at Kossuth County, Iowa, d/o H. Evernham & Florence Belle Carroll.

1905 STATE CENSUS Felton, Clay, Minnesota ... Hankinson Evernham (b.~1860), b.NJ... Belle (b.~1862 PA),.. Fern (b.~1895 IA),.. Fay (b.~1897 IA),.. Mabel (b.~1899 IA),.. Maud (b.~1903 IA),.. William (b.~1905 MN)

1928 Marriage Record ... Hammo Ryks 23, b.Parksburg, IA, s/o Elso Ryks & Florence Hector .... married... Fae Vera Evernham 32 b.Ledyard, IA, d/o Hankison evernham & Florence Belle Carroll, ... m.23 June 1928 at Nashua, Chickasaw, Iowa.

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