Andrew Jackson EVERNHAM
Captain A.J. Evernham
may have changed name from EVERINGHAM
b.15 Jan 1827 Monmouth Co. NJ2
d.16 Nov 1879 Iowa Falls, Franklin, IA - Gravestone
Hannah L. GRANT
(b.5 May 1832 d.29 Oct 1864 Ocean Co.)
(Cemetery, wife of Capt AJ Evernham)
married 27 Jan 1855 Monmouth NJ
Isaac EVERINGHAM (b.1789)
Emeline HALL (b.1794)
children: EVERNHAM2

  1. Catherine D. (b.1856)
  2. Armond Watson (b.1857)
  3. Hankinson (b.1859)
  4. Thomas A. (b.1862)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Lydia Ann (b.1817)
  2. George Holcolm (b.1818 or 1819)
  3. Benjamin D. (b.1824)
    + PLATT siblings
    "see mother's page"
Letter from AJ Evernham
to his mother 1852
AJ Evernham's Obit 1879
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Occupation: "Boatman" (1850 reference) & later: "Sea Captain"
2Info from Earle Evernham March 2000.

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