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Horatio C. EVERINGHAM b.Jan 1856 Trenton, New Jersey
d.1926 Trenton, Mercer, NJ
married 1:
Esther L. HOWELL (m.10 Apr 1883)
Esther died in 1889 or 1890 Trenton, NJ

married 2:
Jennie STILLWELL (m.3 Apr 1898)

James EVERINGHAM (possible)

it is also possible that James and Margaret were his brother & sister in law... and his wife Ester and Elva were living with them in the 1885 census.

children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Elva May (b.Dec 1885)
    married Hugh Mountford
siblings: guesses from 1885 Census;
  1. Hartson (possibly X)
  2. Ester *or his wife?
  3. Emma
  4. Elva *or his dau?

fact sources and writings about this individual: (research of Kevin Everingham of Michigan 2014 & 2015);

It is uncertain if this is the same Horatio, but right age;
1870 U.S. CENSUS Kingston, S. Brunswick twp., Middlesex co. NJ, June 30, 1870,.. "John Dey 45,.. Ellen Dey 43,.. Gertrude Dey 16,.. Ralph Dey 11,.. Isabella Dey 3,.. Margaret Dey 75,.. Louisa Chafer 17,.. Horatio Everingin 14."

1882 Trenton, Mercer, NJ City Directory 1882... includes; Horatio C. Evernham, carpenter, at 58 union. Also see 1900 Trenton City Directory | 1920 Trenton City Directory.

1883 Mercer County NJ Marriage Records (Page E, Line 7, GSfilm 495699)..."Horatio C. Everingham, single, born in U.S., married Esther L. Howell, 23, born in U.S., married 10 April 1883 at Trenton, Mercer, NJ."

1885 STATE CENSUS, Trenton, Ward 3, Mercer, NJ, family #514... "James Everingham,.. Margaret,.. Horatio,.. Harton,.. Ester,.. Emma,.. Elva."

1889/90 Mercer County NJ Death Records (FHL micro 542,516).. "Mrs. Esther L. Everingham, death, 21 March 1889 or 1890? at Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey."

1898 Mercer County NJ Marriage Records (Book 37, Pg 96, Line 70)..."Horatio C. Everingham, 2nd marriage, born in U.S., married Jennie Stillwell 29, born in U.S. 2nd marriage."

1900 U.S. CENSUS, Trenton, Mercer, NJ (dist 65, sheet 9A, house #166).. "Horatio Everingham 40, b.NJ married 2 yrs, b.Jan 1860, parents born in NJ... Jeannie Everingham, 30, wife, married 2 yrs,.. b.Feb 1870, mother of 0... Eliza Stillwell, mother in law, b.Jun 1828 NJ,.. Elva Evernham b.Dec 1885, single, sister in law. (or daughter or his sister? He may have raised a younger sister, either way, she was raised as his daughter.)"

1905 STATE CENSUS, Trenton, Mercer, NJ (family #74, line 5)... "Horatio Everingham 47,.. Jane Everingham 32,.. Elma Everingham 20."

1910 US CENSUS, Trenton, Ward 11, Mercer County, NJ ... (Sheet 4A, household #77)... "Horatio C. Everingham 50, b.NJ, parents born in NJ,... Jennie Everingham, 40, wife, b.NJ, parents b.NJ."
1910 U.S. CENSUS, Hamilton, Mercer, NJ... "Elva M. Mountford with spouse Hugh Mountford & son Horatio C. Mountford" see 1920 census.

1913 Perth Amboy evening newspaper, Sept. 13, 1913, Page 8,... "Mrs. James Everingham and William Conover will have as guests over Sunday Hugh Mountford and Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Everingham of Trenton." this gives a possible family link to a William Conover.

1920 U.S. CENSUS, Trenton, Mercer, NJ... (Sheet 31A, house 652)..."H.C. Everingham (census shows "EC" but this is almost certainly Horatio.) 61, b.NJ,.. Jennie Everingham 49, b.NJ,.. Elva May Mountford, 34, daughter, b.NJ,.. Horatio C. Mountford 11, b.NJ,.. Shirley M. Mountford 4, b.NJ."

1920 Trenton, New Jersey City Directory; "Charles W. Everingham, salesman... Ernest S. Everingham, bookkeeper,... George Everingham, rubberworker,... Hart Everingham, tinsmith,... Horatio C. Everingham, foreman,... William Everingham, scavenger,... William S. Everingham, hardware,... Wilson Everinhgam, clerk, State Hospital."

1926 Riverview Cemetery, Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey - Burials here; "Aaron Everingham (d.18 March 1909),.. Emma Everingham (d.22 Apr 1920),.. Horatio C. Everingham (b.1856-d.1926)."

1930 U.S. CENSUS, Trenton, Mercer, NJ (Sheet 19B, house 282)... "Mary Mitchell 68, b.NJ, widow,... Jennie Everingham, 59, b.NJ, widowed, sister,.. Elizabeth Wiese 20, b.NJ granddaughter,.. Charles Wiese 19, b.NJ, grandson,.. Elizabeth M. Wiese, 3, b.NJ great-granddaughter,.. Dorothy Wiese 1, b.NJ, great-granddaughter." Jennie was widowed by 1930 and living with her also widowed sister Mary (Stillwell) Mitchell.

1940 U.S. CENSUS, Trenton, Mercer, NJ ... Jennie Everingham is age 70, widowed, living on Livingston st., noted as the same place she lived in 1935.

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