B line?
James H./E.? EVERHAM
b.Feb 1831 NJ
d.before 1910 NJ
Margaret Gertrude STULTS (b.1842 d.1924)
m.18 March 1868 1st Presb. Church, Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey. d/o Jacob STULTS
see 1850 notes below.
children: EVERNHAM

  1. Emma Stults (b.30 July 1869 NJ)
    Emma married Jonathan WATT.
siblings: EVERNHAM
  1. uncertain

fact sources and writings about this individual: (research of Kevin Everingham of Michigan 2014);

possible other James Evernham, next county over with same age;
1850 U.S. Census Monroe, Middlesex, NJ (house 192).. "William Evernham 49,.. Mary Evernham 44, b.NJ,.. James Evernham 19, b.NJ,.. Margaret Evernham 17, b.NJ"
NOTE - if this 1850 census is the right James, then it could connect him to this family; William Evernham who did have a son James born about 1831.

1868 Middlesex NJ Marriage (pg.246)...James Everham 35, and Margaret G. Stults, d/o Jacob Stults, married March 18, 1868 at Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey. both previously single.

1869 Mercer Co. NJ Birth Record... Emma Everham, female, b.30 July 1869 at Trenton, Mercer, NJ, d/o James & Margarett Everham.

1889 NJ Marriage Index... Jonathan Watt, married Emma Stults Evernham, August 7, 1889 at Trenton, Mercer, NJ.

1900 CENSUS Trenton city, Mercer, NJ ...Jonathan Watt 38, b.Aug 1862 Scotland,.. Emma Watt 31, b.July 1869 NJ, wife, mother of 2, 1 child living,.. Jonathan Watt 17, b.Jun 1883 NJ, son. Emma's gravestone at Greenwood cem, Trenton, NJ shows (b.1869 d.1943).... buried with Jonathan Watt (1862-1926) ... of significant note: In this same cemetery are several EVERNHAM's buried including a M. G. Evernham (1842-1924) listed on the headstone of George M. Watt Jr. This is likely Margaret. There are also a couple of Evernham's buried here; Alice Grellet Evernham (b.1891 d.1980),.. Edgar W. Evernham (b.1939 d.2007),... Elmer S. Evernham (b.1911, d.1967),.. Marie Bodo Evernham (b.1942 d.2004),.. William Evernham (b.1880 d.1936)... also 2 Everinghams; Theodosia S. Schuster Everingham (b.1890 d.1974),.. Wilson M. Schuster Everingham (b.1901 d.1967)... There are also 15 or more STULTS family buried here.

1913 Perth Amboy evening newspaper, Oct 18, 1913, Page 3... "Miss Adelaide Everingham and Miss Gertrude Harder are spending a few days with friends at Trenton. Mrs. James Evernham has been entertaining her daughter, Mrs. Jonathan Watt of Trenton for a few days." This bit of news seems to connect to this family Charles V. Everingham

1924 Greenwood Cemetery, Trenton, Mercer Co., NJ.. "Margaret Gertrude Stults Evernham, d.2 Feb 1924.

unfortunately, I have not been able to find this family in any CENSUS data or newspapers.

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