John Everingham WADLEY
abt 1860
d.1939 Valdosta, Georgia
married :
Henrietta LANE
Col. William Morrill WADLEY
Rebecca Barnard EVERINGHAM
children: WADLEY
siblings: WADLEY
  1. William Oconius (b.29 Oct 1841)
  2. Sarah Lois (b.26 Nov 1844)
  3. John Dole (1846-1846)
  4. Mary Millen (1848-1936)
  5. Rebecca Everingham (b.1850)
  6. baby girl (1852-1852)
  7. Loring Reynolds (b.1853)
  8. George Dole (b.1857)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Monroe Advertiser, June 1, 1939
John Everingham Wadley Passes away in Valdosta. The death of Mr. John Everingham Wadley comes to his relatives and friends as a peculiarly sad event, in that he is the last of a generation which included a large and widely known family, that of William Merrill Wadley, a resident for many years of Bolingbroke and a pioneer citizen of Georgia.
Mr. John E. Wadley, youngest of the sons, had spent most of his life in South Georgia where he had many friends who held him in loving esteem. He lived for many years in Waycross, where he was prominently known as president of the First National Bank of Waycross and also the Satilla Manufacturing Co. He had retired from active business some years ago and later moved to Valdosta to live quietly among his wife's relatives. His health had gradually declined and recently he grew steadily weaker. He passed away Friday at Midnight and was buried from the Episcopal church in Valdosta of which he was a prominent member.
He leaves a wife who was Miss Henrietta Lane, of Valdosta, who is now living with her sister, Miss Minnie Lane, a well known and beloved teacher for 46 years in Valdosta, now retired. Mr. Wadley was 79 years old at his death. His funeral was largely attended by his nieces and nephews of two generations and many close friends.

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