James Hamilton EVERINGHAM
Captain J.H. Evernham
AKA "Hammy"
spelled his last name "EVERNHAM"
b.4 August 1872
d.29 August 1961 (Bayville Cemetery, NJ)
  1. Hannah J. HARVEY (1865 - 1938)
    burial: (Bayville Cemetery, NJ)
    (b.March 1865) formerly married to; W. Hartson Sexton of Monmouth Co. NJ
    Married Hammy Jan 1 1893.
Job Grant EVERINGHAM (b.1847)
Georgia Ann SHARP (b.1850)
children: EVERNHAM

  1. Edith
  2. baby boy (b.1893 NJ)
  3. baby boy (d.1895 NJ)
  4. George Leigh Harvey (b.1898) "Leigh"

children of Hannah/previous marriage2
  • Hartson SEXTON (b.1887)2
  • Edgar SEXTON (b.1889)2
  • siblings:
    1. Rebecca (b.?)
    2. Louise (married Hilton Bunnell)
    3. Grace Olive (b.1873)
    4. Janette (b.1874)
    5. Carroll Ross (b.1890)

    fact sources and writings about this individual:

    see the New Jersey news article about J. Hamilton Evernham. Also known as "Hammy". Read about his problems as the Ocean County Game Warden.

    Evelyn Doris Evernham/Newman says she is not sure why "her grandfather James Hamilton Evernham, spelled his name like that, and his brother (Carroll Ross) spelled his last name (Everingham)" NOTE: see other Everingham/Evernham's closely related to this family... Many also spelled their names "EVERNHAM". No proof of why, but many "theories" exist as to why...like: (Breaking Revolutionary War ties to certain Everingham's, family fueds, illiteracy, poor family records, among others!)
    2email from Sindi Swieder, April 2003 & June 2005

    CENSUS & OTHER NOTES; (research of Kevin Everingham)
    1893 Ocean Co. NJ Marriage Record (Pg 2013, #23)... Jas. H. Everingham 21, & Hannah J. Harvy 27,... married January 1, 1893 at Forked River, Ocean, New Jersey

    1893 Birth Retistration ... baby male EVERNHAM... b.15 May 1893 at Ber. Ocean, New Jersey, son of: Hamilten J. Evernham, 22, & Hannah J. Harvey 29.

    1895 Death Register ... baby male Evernham b.25 April 1895, died 25 April 1895 at Ber. Ocean, New Jersey, son of: James H. & Hannah J. Evernham.

    1900 US Census June 4 Berkeley Township, Ocean County, New Jersey, Enumeration District 152 sheet 3, James H Evernham Head WM Aug 1871 28y Married 7 years Occupation; Oysterman, Hannah J, Wife WF March 1865, 35y Married, 7 Children - 3 survived, George L H Son WM Jan 1898 W Hartson Sexton Stepson WM Feb 1887, Edgar H, Stepson WM July 1889.

    1910 Census Berkeley Township, Ocean County, NJ dated 18 & 19 April sheet 2 A, Enumeration Dist. 118 She stated Married 2X. I wanted to straighten that out Pauline Listed was the sister to W Hartson Sexton Sr.

    Bayville Cemetery Bayville, Ocean County, New Jeresy Headstone is inscribed: "Father, Capt. J.H.Evernham (Auguts 4,1872, August 29, 1961)."

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