George Leigh Harvey EVERNHAM
known as "Leigh Evernham"
b.22 Jan 1898 Bayville, NJ
d.3 Aug 1995 Pine Ridge, NJ
Alice Marie BUNNELL
m.27 Jun 1920 Bayville, NJ
d.Sept 1975
James Hamilton EVERNHAM (b.1872)
Hannah J. HARVEY (d.1938)
children: EVERNHAM

    had several children... including:

  1. George Jr. "died young"
  2. Virginia
  3. Charlotte
  4. Evelyn Doris (b.28 Dec 1932)
  1. Hardson
  2. Edith

George & Alice Evernham fact sources and writings about this individual:

occupation: Carpenter
George "Leigh" and his wife (Alice) are buried at: Bayville, NJ

Who was George "Leigh" Evernham?
One of Leigh's favorite foods was blueberry pancakes.
He enjoyed painting-by-numbers and built small lighthouses out of wood.

info source: Donna Newman 1999.

"Hi Kevin, I have some information about George Leigh Evernham of Bayville,NJ 1898-1995 He was employed at lakehurst naval base, NJ he was a carpenter on two dirigibles, the Akron and the Shenendoah, he was also present and accounted for when the Hindenburg crashed, I know all of this due to Gramps telling me this when I became part of his family" - Sindi Swieder, March 2003.

Photo from Sindi -

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