of Birkin
b.abt 1310, Yorkshire, England
died bef. June 1364
Beatrice ______?
John DE EVERINGHAM (b.abt 1260)
Margaret DUKET2
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Thomas
Everingham Coat of Arms siblings:
  • Adam
  • Thomas
  • fact sources and writings about this individual:

    1Research of Everingham from Kevin Everingham of MI, 2001-2013.

    2Harleian Society,Vol. 16, Visitation of Yorkshire in 1563 and 1564 (London: 1881) p. 115

    John de Everingham witnessed a deed of John de Lacy of Gateford giving land to Selby in 1332, when he was not a knight and another deed of John de Lacy of Gateford in 1333, when he was a knight.
    Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Association, Record Series, Vol. XII, The Coucher Book of Selby, Vol. II (1893) p. 388 & p. 391

    On 15 November 1353 a commission of oyer and terminer was ordered on a complaint by Lucy late the wife of Adam de Everyngham of Birkyn that John de Everyngham of Birkyn, 'chivaler' Beatrice, his wife, and others, at Birkyn, Yorkshire, broke her close, killed 6 swans, worth 6 marks, felled her trees, fished in her free fishery, carried away the fish with the said trees, trod down and consumed with cattle her crops and grass, and assaulted her men and servants, whereby she lost their service for a great time.
    Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edward 3, Vol. 9, p. 523

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