Everingham Coat of Arms Heraldy of 12-13th Century
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What is a coat of arms?

The coat of arms was worn by families with social standing and knights or royalty in old world cultures. Yes this is the symbol worn by an Everingham Knight or Nobleman on his shield and/or coat in old world England.

Does it represent your family?

well, yes and no. Heraldy is taken very seriously and the right to bare a family coat of arms is generally only granted to the "first sonís, first son." down the family line.
This coat of arms belonged to an Everingham whoís first sonís, first sonís, first son, etc could be the legal bearer of his family coat of arms. Otherwise, coat of arms are not supposed to be worn, and were not granted to all descendants of any particular family. It does however represent Noble Everingham history.
Artists rendering of the Everingham Coat of Arms

donated by "Hilda (Everingham) Bittel" 1999
Hilda and her husband received it in 1993
Explanation sent with this photo:
19th century general armory (England) reads:

"Everingham (co. York). Gules, a lion rampant vair. Crest- A demi lion rampant argent holding a rose branch flower (or), stalked and leaved vert."

"As you see, artists envision different versions of (basically) the same description of the Everingham Coat of Arms" (see below)

A (non-colored) artist's rendering:

Burkes General Armory- England
From (Halbert's Family Heritage)
Acquired by Kevin Everingham 1991

"Gules, A lion ramp, vair crowned OR. Crest-
Half Lion ramp holding OR rose stalked green"

In my study of Coats & Heraldy, I would further explain the description above as:

A red shield with an upright "rampant" Lion. The Lion is made of interlocking bell shapes of silver and blue ermine fur. The Lion is crowned in Gold. Above the shield, is a silver half Lion, also rampant, holding a Gold Rose with Green Stalked leaves.

Kevin Everingham

Here are "Everingham" lines of Baron's, Lords, & Knights who MAY have been a part of the Coat of Arms explained above.

Medieval Families
Genealogical Department
50 E. North Temple St.
Salt Lake City, UT
Robert Everingham (b.about 1205) & his Family.
Much of the info on this family line is well documented at:

or try the ancestors of Henry Everingham of Stainborough, Yorkshire. From a long line of big estate owners.

about the title: LORD EVERINGHAM of LAXTON

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