Jennie Violet EVERINGHAM
b.Dec 1887 Nebraska
Paul FISCHER (b.~1884)
m.17 Oct 1906 Chanute, Neosho, KS


  1. Mary Jane (b.~1910)
  2. James (b.~1912)
1/2 siblings: REEL
  1. Rosa May Reel (b.Dec 1867 IA)
  2. Flora E. Reel (b.~April 1870 IA)
  3. Mary Elizabeth Reel (b.~1872 NE)
  4. James S. Reel (b.~1874 NE)
  5. Sarah Ella Reel (b.~1877 NE)
fact sources and writings about this individual: (research below by Kevin Everingham of MI, 2014;

1900 CENSUS Fairmont, Fairmaont, Fillmore, Nebraska (Sheet 13A, house #259)... "Mary J. Evringham 52, b.February 1848 MI, mother of 6 children, all living,.. Rose M. Warner 33, b.Dec 1867 IA, widowed, dau,.. Harld J. Warner 14, b.NE, g.son,.. Mary E. Warner 11, b.NE, d.dau,.. Bessie C. Warner 20, b.IL, g.dau,.. Jennie V. Evringham 13, b.Dec 1887 NE, dau,.. James Shepherd 82, b.NY, widowed, father."

1906 Kansas Marriage (pg.299).. "Paul W. Fischer 22, b.Spokane, WA,.. Jennie Violet Evringham 19, b.Chanute, Kansas, married October 17, 1906 at Chanute, Neosho, Kansas."

1910 CENSUS Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska (Sheet 14B, house #289).. "Paul W. Fischer 25, b.NE,.. Jennie E. Fischer 22, b.NE, wife,.. Mary Jane Fischer 0, dau, b.NE,.. Mary J. Evringham 62, b.MI, mother-in-law."

1920 CENSUS Beatrice, Gage, NE (Sheet 7B, house #201).. "Paul W. Fischer 35, b.NE,.. Jennie Fischer 31, b.NE,.. Mary Jane Fischer 10, b.NE, dau,.. Jim Fischer 8, b.NE, son."

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