Charles EVERINGHAM b.abt 1830 NY
Charles had died by the 1900 census
Mary Jane (SHEPHERD) REEL (b.~1848 MI)
m.5 Oct 1884 Fairmont, Nebraska
d/o James Shepherd & Elizabeth Brower
Jerimiah EVERINGHAM (b.1797) (1)
Sophia FRENCH (b.1808)

children of Mary, her 1st husband William Reel died in 1877.

  1. Rosa May Reel (b.Dec 1867 IA)
  2. Flora E. Reel (b.~April 1870 IA)
  3. Mary Elizabeth Reel (b.~1872 NE)
  4. James S. Reel (b.~1874 NE)
  5. Sarah Ella Reel (b.~1877 NE)

    child of Mary and Charles EVERINGHAM

  6. Jennie Violet (b.~Dec 1887 NE)
    married Paul Fischer
  1. William (b.1825)
  2. Mary J. (b.1838)
  3. Albert (b.1841)
  4. Martha (b.1843)
  5. Lucy (b.1845)
  6. Nancy (b.1848)
Easily Mixed-up Research:

Research on 2 Charles Everinghams

Also see: Charles (b.1840)

fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Information supplied by Ann J. Everingham.
2previous census readings by researchers in the 1990's.
3Fayette, Onondaga, NY census 1880
4various early Census data

--- other research (below) by Kevin Everingham of MI, 2005-2012 ---
1850 Onondaga, Onondaga Co, NY Census #632/654 - Jeremiah Everingham, 52, farmer, (real estate owned valued at an impressive 10500!), Sophie, 47, Mary 22, Charles, 20 farmer, Martha 17, Lucy 13 (or 15?), Nancy 12, Albert 8,... Ira Clark 20,... John Everingham 86, Millwright b.NJ

1860 CENSUS Town of Onondaga, Onondaga, New York (Page 125, family #965) ... Charles Everingham 29, b.NY was living with his parents and some siblings... born about 1830

1870 Carl twp, Adams County, Iowa (July 12, 1870, house #33)... "William H. Reel 26, b.IN, farmer,.. Mary Jane Reel 22, b.MI,.. Rosa May Reel 2, b.IA,.. Flora A. Reel 3/12, b.IA. wife Mary's family prior to Everingham marriage;
1880 Geneva, Fillmore, Nebraska (Sheet 488D)... "James Shepherd 62, b.NY,.. Elizabeth A. Shepherd 56, b.PA,.. Jesse Davis 25, b.IL, other,.. Mary J. Reel 32, dau, b.MI, widowed, .. Rosa M. Reel 12, b.IA, g.dau,.. Flora E. Reel 10, b.IA, g.dau... Mary E. Reel 8, b.NE, g.dau,.. James S. Reel 6, b.NE, g.son,.. Sarah E. Reel 3, b.NE, g.dau,.. Alice Baker 37, b.NY, niece, married,.. Guy Baker 6, b.IA, grand nephew,.. Maud Baker 2, b.IA, grand-niece."

1884 NE Marriage Record -- Charles Everingham 44, b.NY, s/o Jeremiah Everingham & Sophia French,... Mary J. Reel 36, b.MI, d/o James Shepherd & Elizabeth A. Brower,... m.5 Oct 1884 at Fairmont, Fillmore, Nebraska

1885 STATE CENSUS Fairmont, Fillmore Co., Nebraska June 11, 1885 (Page 11, family #102).. "Chas Ervingham 55, b.NY, farmer, disability; asthma,.. Mary Ervingham, 37, b.MI, wife,.. Flora Reel 15, b.IA, dau,.. Lizzie Reel 13, b.NE, dau,.. James Reel 11, b.NE, s.son,.. Ella Reel 8, b.NE, s.dau."

1900 CENSUS Fairmont, Fairmaont, Fillmore, Nebraska (Sheet 13A, house #259)... "Mary J. Evringham 52, b.February 1848 MI, mother of 6 children, all living,.. Rose M. Warner 33, b.Dec 1867 IA, widowed, dau,.. Harld J. Warner 14, b.NE, g.son,.. Mary E. Warner 11, b.NE, d.dau,.. Bessie C. Warner 20, b.IL, g.dau,.. Jennie V. Evringham 13, b.Dec 1887 NE, dau,.. James Shepherd 82, b.NY, widowed, father."

1910 CENSUS Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska (Sheet 14B, house #289).. "Paul W. Fischer 25, b.NE,.. Jennie E. Fischer 22, b.NE, wife,.. Mary Jane Fischer 0, dau, b.NE,.. Mary J. Evringham 62, b.MI, mother-in-law."

1920 CENSUS Fairmont, Fillmore, NE (sheet 7A, house #158).. "Mary J. Ervingham 72, b. IA, widowed."

1935 Geneva Cemetery, Geneva, Fillmore, NE... "(same stone) William H. Reel (1844-1877),.. Mary J. Evringham (1848, 1935)"- note: William was a civil war veteran who enlisted in Iowa.

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