PA Line
John Walter EVERINGHAM b.1870 PA
Sarah Lucinda NEWELL (m.14 Apr 1903)
after John Everingham's death, sarah married
Walter Scott ARTLEY.
Moses EVERINGHAM (b.1827)
Mary Ann Hitesman
children: "EVERINGHAM"
  1. Claude Newell (b.1905 Bristol, IN)
  2. Karl (b.1910 d.1927)1
Karl died in 1927 in a
truck accident (age 17).
siblings: "EVERINGHAM"
    --given name--dob---married name
  1. Catherine (b.1851) CORPE
  2. Sarah (b.1855) MENGES
  3. Martha (b.1857) MATHIAS
  4. Eunice "Ellen" (b.1861) KANTZ
  5. Clara A. (b.1867) ROUGH/GANGER
  6. Phoebe (b.?) ARTLEY
  7. Bertha (b.1873) McCAUL
fact sources and writings about this individual:

John was a blacksmith in Bristol, IN and wife Sarah was a freelance writer.
Information from Ann J. Everingham & some from Douglas Everingham
1Information from a letter from Phillip Everingham 1999.

further research, Kevin Everingham 2000
1903 Elkhard IN Marriage John W. Everingham, Sarah L. Newell m.14 Apr 1903, Elkhard, IN.

1923 Photo (right) from "The Annual" 1923 school photo of Karl Everingham. Published by the senior class of Bristol high school.

1928 IN Marriage Record (Pg.176)... Walter Scott Artley, b.7 Mar 1868 Lycoming, PA, & Sarah Lucinda Everingham, b.17 Mar 1873 Elkhart, Ind.,.. married November 20, 1928 at Goshen, Elkhart, Indiana. groom s/o George W. Artley & Susan D. Beeber, bride d/o John P. Newell & Mary Elizabeth Kinyon, both bride and groom widowed.

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