Lillian H. EVERHAM
b.23 Nov 1858/9 Burlington, NJ
d.12 March 1889 NJ
Joseph K. TULEY (1850-1921)
m.13 Jun 1877 Mt.Holly, NJ
s/o George & Margaret TULEY
children: TULEY

  • Estella M. (b.26 Sep 1878 d.29 Mar 1888)
  • Elsie H. (b.27 Dec 1880)
  • Nellie R. (b.2 Mar 1889)
  • siblings:
    1. Josephine (b.1855)
    2. William George (b.1857)

    fact sources and writings about this individual:

    some research of Kevin Everingham, 2011:

    1859 Birth Registration, Northampton township, Burlington County, NJ... "Lydia H. Everham, female, b.23 or 25th (hard to read), November 1859 at Northampton, Burlington NJ, daughte of, Wm. & Susan Everham." it appears she was born as Lydia but known her whole life as Lillian or Lillie.
    1860 CENSUS Northampton, North of N.Branch of Rancocas River, Burlington, NJ... family 116, Page 17,..."William Everham 28, b.NJ,.. Susan Everham 23, b.NJ,.. William Everham 3, b.NJ,.. Lilly Everham 0, b.NJ,.. Joseph Hughes 21, b.NJ,.. Mary Hughes 24, b.PA." Lilly was a baby here in 1860, born about 1859?

    Updated research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2017;

    1877 Burlington County New Jersey Marriage Record (Page 89, #66).."Jos. Tuley, s/o Geo & Margaret Tuley, married Lillie Everham, 20, d/o Wm & Susan Everham.... married 13 June 1877 at Mt. Holly, Northampton Township, Burlington County, New Jersey." she gave her age as 20, born about 1857.. but, was probably closer to 18.

    1880 CENSUS Northampton, Burlington, NJ (Page 2, sheet 415B, famiy #13).. "Joseph K. Tuley 29, house carpenter,.. Lillie H, 20, wife,.. Stella M. 1, daughter., all 3 born in New Jersey."

    1880 (December) Burlington, NJ Birth Record "Elsie H. Tuley born 27 Dec 1880 at N.Hampton, Burlington, NJ, female, d/o Jos. Tuley 30 & Everham 21."

    1889 Burlington County, NJ Birth Records (vol.28, pg.88) ... "Nellie R. Tuley, birth, 2 March 1889 at Burlington County, New Jersey, female,.. daughter of; Joseph Tuley, 30 & Lillian Everham, 29." I have not seen this record, by some transcriptions it's 1888, and by others its 1889.

    Saint Andrews Graveyard Mount Holly, Burlington, NJ ... "Elsie Tuley Rogers (b.27 Dec 1880, d.3 Dec 1939),.. Edward B. Rogers, MD (1877-1939),.. Ella H. Tuley (1858-1936),.. Estella M. Tuley (b.26 Sep 1878, d.29 Mar 1888),.. George W. Tuley (aged 79),.. Ieme Tuley (no dates),.. John Tuley (d.11 Sept 1918, aged 16y, 11m, 11d,.. Joseph K. Tuley (b.26 Dec 1850, d.5 Nov 1921),.. L.T. Tuley (aged 10yr),.. Lillian H. Tuley (b.23 Nov 1858, d.12 Mar 1889),.. Nellie Tuley (aged 7mo.)."
    it is possible that Lillie died just over a week after child-birth with the last child. It also appears that Nellie may have died within 7 months.

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