Alice Marie BUNNELL b.abt 1900 Bayville, NJ
d.23 Sept. 1975
George Leigh Harvey EVERNHAM
m.27 Jun 1920 Bayville, NJ
Charles William Clinton BUNNELL
Anna Mariah WALSH
children: EVERNHAM

    had several children... including:

  1. George Jr. "died young"
  2. Virginia
  3. Charlotte
  4. Evelyn Doris (b.28 Dec 1932)
siblings: BUNNELL
  1. Clark Luby
  2. Charles William (1891-1913)
  3. John E (1893- Died ?)
  4. Eleanor K (1895-1984)
  5. George H (1898 -Died ?)
  6. Mary L (1903 -1903)
  7. Dorothy (Dot) (1904-1984)
  8. Robert E (1908-1908)
  9. Samuel Kenworthy (1912-1930)
fact sources and writings about this individual:photo of Alice Bunnell Evernham, from Sindi Swieder, 2003

George "Leigh" and his wife (Alice) are buried at: Bayville, NJ

"Hi Kevin, I have some information about George Leigh Evernham of Bayville,NJ 1898-1995 He was employed at lakehurst naval base, NJ he was a carpenter on two dirigibles, the Akron and the Shenendoah, he was also present and accounted for when the Hindenburg crashed, I know all of this due to Gramps telling me this when I became part of his family" - Sindi Swieder, March 2003.

Photo from Sindi.

Alice Maria Bunnell was the child of: Charles William Clinton Bunnell May 1853-May 1919 (Buried in Dover Chapel) Anna Mariah Walsh August 1870- 1943 (She was an immigrant from Ireland)

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