Matthew LYMBURNER II b.1765 Templeton, Scotland
d.22 Dec 1832 Lincoln Co. ONT.
burial: Lymburner Cem, Caistor Twp, Lincoln County, Ontario
Rachel YOUNG (b.1771)
m.1790 Charlotte Co. NB
Matthew LYMBURNER b.1742
Margaret KAIMS (b.~1751)
children: LYMBURNER

  1. Matthew (b.1791)
  2. Jacob (b.1793 or 1796?)
  3. Christopher (b.1795)
  4. Michael (b.1802)
  5. Hiram Robert (b.1804)
  6. Sarah (b.1806)
  7. William (b.1808)
  8. Robert M. (b.1810)
  9. Caroline (b.1812)
  10. John Young (b.1816)
siblings: LYMBURNER
  1. John (b.1769)
  2. James (b.~1770)
  3. Alexander (b.1771)
  4. Margaret (b.1773)
  5. James (b.1773)
  6. Peter (b.~1774)
  7. John (b.~1778)
  8. Mary (b.~1780)
  9. Betsy (b.~1782)
  10. Jeannie (b.~1784)
  11. Robert (b.1784)
  12. George
  13. Nancy
  14. William (b.1786)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
1Rootsweb files of Arnold E. Krause, 2005.

Probate: Matthew Lymburner No residence cited. Charlotte County records. Intestate. Administration was granted 16 March 1788 to his widow Margaret Lymburner and son John Lymburner. Fellow bondsmen Robert Pagan and Capt. David Mowatt all of Charlotte County.

Ref: Some of this data has been gleaned from WFT Vol 4, #4187; Vol 6, #4187; The main listing of children and the approximate dates of birth are based on the document "Return of Men, Women, and Children of the Penobscot Loyalists settled in the District of Passamaquoddy the 10 June 1784"

According to the article "The Settlement at Penobscot: 1784" that contains a list that appeared in the March 1893 "Maine Historical Magazine" Vol. 8, pp. 55-57 , the lot occupied by Matthew Limeburner/Lymburner, first occupied in 1766, and now occupied by C(unningham). Limeburner had 100 acres. The date of 1766 would tend to indicate, if Matthew Lymburner was the first occupant, that all of his children born after 1766 were born at Penobscot, ME.

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